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Oatmeal and Peanut Butter Smoothie

A simple Vitamix recipe when you have cravings for sweet. Oatmeal and Peanut Butter Smoothie is yummie and good for you too. source

Smoothies : How to Make Strawberry Smoothies Without Yogurt

You can make strawberry smoothies without yogurt by substituting crushed ice. Enjoy your sweet, healthy drink with guidance from a chef in this free video on … source

How To Make A Mango Smoothie – Tropical Yellow Mangoes Milkshake Recipes – Milkshakes Recipe Jazevox

Check out Tropical Smoothie Recipes – Fruits And Vegetables Smoothies BOOK here Tropical Smoothie Recipes BOOK (official video … source

Raw Vegan Smoothie “Eat Your Greens” Organic Recipe

Healthy vegetarian Blendtec Blender recipe. Brock shares a yummy veggie and fruit “eat your greens” smoothie. Find your Blendtec here: … source

Healthy School Breakfast: Peanut Butter & Jelly Smoothie!

Get fit w/ me! See my workouts & more Get more of my favorite recipes … source

Yogurt Berry Smoothie Recipe

A yogurt berry smoothie recipe that is also great with vanilla or strawberry protein powder which is great for post workout. Full recipe at: … source

Healthy Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Recipe | Protein Shake | Recipe Remix

Confession: when I was young, my mother made me my own pumpkin pie every Thanksgiving. Yes, my love of pumpkin runs that deep. And as much as I would … source