7 Health Benefits of Mangosteen for Your Healthy Body

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The health benefits of mangosteen can be received if you have ever tried the fruit which is also known as Garnicia mangostana. For your information, mangosteen is categorized as a tropical evergreen tree. We will see this fruit mostly at South East Asian regions like Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and many more. This fruit also spreads out in some regions of Africa. In orient, mangosteen is called as the queen of tropical fruits because of its unique and special flavor and looks. In this article, we would like to invite you knowing furthermore about this fruit especially when we look at health benefit point of view.


Parts of Mangosteen

For better understanding about health benefits of mangosteen, it would be better for us to know the parts of mangosteen. Based on large or major parts, this fruit has only three parts. The first part is the rind which has deep purple color. The second part is the flesh which is covered in with and segmented like orange. Meanwhile, the seeds are bitter. Thus, do not take a bite on its seeds, guys. The flesh is divided into two, edible and inedible. The inedible flesh is soft and sweet. Last part is the outer rind which is called the pericarp.


Next, we are going to the first benefit of health benefits of mangosteen now. This fruit is well known with its antioxidant features. According to some scientific studies, mangosteen consists of polyphenol compound. It is called xanthones. There are 2 categorizes of xanthones that we found inside this fruit, alpha and gamma mangosteen. This polyphenol compound is good against inflammatory so that experts call it anti-inflammatory. Moreover, xanthones are also effective to cure cardiovascular diseases. In other words, these antioxidants have an ability to heal damaged cells, aging, and other degenerative diseases. Therefore, the antioxidants found in mangosteen are really beneficial for our health.


The second one of health benefits of mangosteen is about its calories. For your information, this fruit has low calories. Based on some research, it just has 63 calories per 100gram which means it is less than 70 calories. In addition, it also has no cholesterol after all. Instead, it contains much dietary fiber. We found about 13 percent of RDA per 100 gram. This fruit is suitable for you who want to gain extra body weight without fat or cholesterol. If you are in diet program, you must avoid this fruit because it does not suit with your diet by the way.

Preventing Anemia and Cataracts

The next one of health benefits of mangosteen is self-explanatory on the subtitle. Yes, it is about preventing anemia because this fruit is able to promote the red blood cells so that anemia won’t be dangerous anymore for our eyes. In other words, it also works for some diseases like high cholesterol, atherosclerosis and heart congestion. In addition, the blood flow is also transferred to the eyes. As we know, Vitamin C is properly provided by mangosteen. Thus, this vitamin aids cataracts effectively on our eyes. For your information, consuming 1000mg Vitamin C every day will improve our vision and preventing cataracts.

Blood Pressure

Although the previous health benefits of mangosteen aid the anemia and cataracts with blood flowing, it does not mean that it is bad for person who got high blood pressure. For your information, this fruit contains abundant amounts of minerals too. We found copper, magnesium and manganese which are very good against stroke and high blood pressure. They are also able to prevent stroke and coronary heart effectively. There is also potassium inside this fruit which is one of important cell’s components for our body like controlling heart rate or reducing blood pressure. So, we cannot underestimate these minerals found inside mangosteen.


This is the most health benefits of mangosteen that we found so far. This fruit is well-known with its effectiveness against this dangerous disease. For your information, this disease comes with some symptoms such as hard to remember, confusion and many more. Luckily, the mangosteen fruit is not alone which provides health benefits. The mangosteen rind is also useful against skin disorders like eczema. You can also use it for preventing and treating diarrhea. Thus, you can also rely on the rind part for treating some diseases too. That is why we show you the part of this fruit in the beginning.

Anti – Ageing

Last but not least, mangosteen is also good against anti-ageing. Thanks to the abundant amounts of antioxidants inside of this fruit. You can rely on catechin which is also found in green tea on mangosteen. The free radicals can be solved easily by consuming this fruit every day. If you want to be look younger just consume mangosteen juice per day and you will have younger face than before. Moreover, the health benefits of mangosteen cannot be underestimated after you read this article.