Cooking Light Banana Bread and Fresh Recipes for Daily Meal

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Cooking Light Banana Bread and Fresh Recipes for Daily Meal – Cooking Light banana bread becomes our topic in this lovely day. There are several recipes that will be elaborated in this article. Do not worry for beginner cookers because they are easy-to-follow. We have chosen those recipes according to their simplicities and easiness. For your information, these recipes are the easiest ways for you to use your ripe bananas. Moreover, they are also easy to serve so that you do not have to wait for some quick snacks. A simple tip for you who are confused what to do with your over-ripe bananas is just freezing them into fridge. Afterwards, defrost them and add to these banana bread recipes whenever you want.


Coconut Banana Bread with Lime Glaze

The first recipe that we got from Cooking Light banana bread is a perfect combination between coconut and banana bread. Moreover, we got a lime glaze inside it to cut the sweetness of the banana breads so that your tongue will be dancing together whenever you eat this bread. Let us check out the ingredients below.


Flour                                      2 cups

Baking soda                        ¾ tsp

Salt                                         ½ tsp

Granulated sugar             1 cup

Butter                                   ¼ cup

Large Eggs                           2 grains

Mashed ripe banana      About 3 Bananas

Plain low-fat yogurt        ¼ cup

Dark rum                             3 tbsp

Vanilla extract                   ½ tsp

Flaked coconut                 ½ cup

Powdered sugar               ½ cup

Fresh lime                           1 ½ tbsp.

Sweetened coconut       1 tbsp

Cooking spray


As usual, preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Then, combine the baking soda, salt and flour. Whisk them all to get better result. Afterwards, you have to prepare a large bowl and mix the granulated sugar and butter. Use blender at medium speed for beating them all. Add the eggs but do not add them once in a time. Instead, just add 1 by 1. Once it is blended, it is time to add yogurt, banana, vanilla and rum. Combine the flour mixture with them until you have moist mixture in the end. Stir the coconut. Prepare 9×5 inches loaf pan and cooking spray. Coat the loaf pan with it and spray 1tablesoon of the coconut. Last but not least, bake them all for about an hour. Set aside and let it cool for ten minutes. To make final touch, you can combine the powdered sugar and lime. Stir both ingredients and drizzle on the bread.

Marbled-Chocolate Banana Bread

The secondCooking Light banana bread has pretty presentation especially when you sliced them. You can see beautiful combination between melted chocolate chips and tasty banana bread. This food is not only made for your loves one, but also being perfect gifts for your friends and colleague. Here are the ingredients that you need.


All-purpose flour              2 cups

Baking soda                        ¾ tsp

Salt                                         ½ tsp

Sugar                                     1 cup

Softened butter                     ¼ cup

Mashed ripe banana          1 ½ cup

Egg                                         ½ cup

Low-fat yogurt                   1/3 cup

Semisweet choc chips       ½ cup

Cooking spray


It is time to make this Cooking Light banana bread recipe. First of all, preheat the oven until 350 degrees of Fahrenheit. Afterwards, add flour into the cups and do not forget to level it by using knife. Then, combine baking soda, salt and that flour. Stir them all frequently. Prepare a large bowl and add sugar plus butter within it. Use mixer to beat them all in medium speed. After all well blended, please add egg, yogurt and banana. Then, the flour mixture is ready to be added in low speed. Make sure you have moist mixture in the end of this step.

The next step of this Cooking Light banana bread is by placing the chocolate chips in microwave bowl. Then, microwave the chips for a minute to make them melted. If necessary, you can stir it until smooth. Set aside until the melted chocolate chips are melted. After it is cool enough, you can add 1 cup of batter and then stir them all. Prepare a loaf pan and ensure you coat it with cooking spray. Combine the chocolate batter and plain batter inside the loaf pan. By using knife, you can swirl the batters. This time, they are ready to be baked at 350 degrees of Fahrenheit about an hour and fifteen minutes. Cool it on wire rack and bread is ready to serve.



After all, both recipes are made in banana bread. Cooking Light has always special recipes for us. This time,Cooking Light banana breadbecomes the main topic. As you can see, both recipes have their own uniqueness and characteristics. Banana bread can be your additional food for your dishes. Moreover, it is also perfect to be our snack in the afternoon. The first recipe is a combination between coconut and banana bread, which has low-fat features. Meanwhile, the second one is a combination between the banana bread and melted chocolate chips, which has more calories. It is all up to you to treat these Cooking Light banana bread recipes as your breakfast or lunch.