Ehomaki Sushi Roll

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Take your maki sushi to a new degree with this ehomaki sushi roll recipe. Ehomaki is a lengthy sushi roll eaten on the evening of Setsubun (a Japan-intensive religious competition welcoming the origin of spring), entire of 7 one of a kind procedure to constitute the seven gods of happiness (Shichifukujin). Use the acknowledged fillings or opt upon your personal, and make bound that you simply do devour your ehomaki handling the year’s lucky path for the trained ride.


230-250g sushi rice 2-three sheets nori seaweed   available fillings: cucumber crabsticks salmon tuna anago eel (kabayaki) tamagoyaki (eastern egg omelette) kanpyo dried and pro gourd strips (pre-cooked if available) shiitake mushroom

How To Prepare

Cook the shiitake mushroom with dashi, mirin, soy sauce and sugar until eventually comfortable.  Cut your exhibit fish and tamagoyaki into strips. Put the nori sheet on your sushi rolling mat. Spread the sushi rice flippantly over the nori, leaving a few 1cm gap on the a long means ingredient.  Place your procedure in a line on primary of the rice one at a time. Grab the near quit of the rolling mat to origin rolling, similtaneously preserving the roll tight.Roll over the filling in one cross. Squeeze tightly to comfortable the shape. For an ehomaki, you will be able to want not cut back the roll for the success benefits, despite the reality that while this is simply too monumental to devour cut back the roll into 6-eight parts and serve with simply a number soy sauce, wasabi and sushi ginger.

Tips and Information

Use a bowl of vinegar water for dipping your hands while rolling sushi will assistance to stay the rice from sticking to your hands and making the roll less complicated to roll.

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