Hamburger Steak Recipe

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Hamburger Steak Recipe
Hamburger Steak Recipe

Japanese Hamburger Steak, time and again called  hamburg, severely is hardly basically unavoidably exactly Japanese meals, nonetheless like Tonkatsu, it basically is pretty in selection residing zone of abode cooking.   It is greater western development meals and liked peculiarly by little toddlers (and any meat lovers).

Ive been consuming Japanese Hamburger Steak so lengthy as I count extent..over forty years ( it may now not be able to be that lengthy!  Im handiest 25..), so it basically is around for a protracted time.  It may desire to be a dish prompted by American or European surface meat dish, despite the fact that, Japanese Hamburger Steak severely is hardly basically unavoidably exactly American hamburger which is amongst buns.  The texture is greater like meatloaf in the US.   In surface meat (basically half pork and half crimson meat) you mix in Panko bread crumbs and eggs, so it basically is pale and cushy adequate to eat with chopsticks.

Not handiest it basically is residing zone of abode cooking dish, nonetheless that you shall be able to in locating out it at a complete bunch eating places an just like household eating places (famiresu) in Japan.  They clearly have Hamburger Steak area of expertise eating places there!

This recipe is the very conventional  hamburger that any individual thinks of, crimson meat and pork with ketchup sauce.  But that you shall be able to make it from any aggregate or by itself  of crimson meat, pork, chook, turkey or tofu.  Its sauce will also be only one of these lot correct, too.  I like a steak with Japanese sauce, grated daikon raddish, soy sauce and vinegar.  That will also be in an additional video in choice other time.

This hamburger patties freeze neatly, so make the final recipe and retailer choice for some other tasty dinner.

Hamburger Steak

Prep Time: 15 mins

Cook Time: 10 mins

Yield: 8 steaks


three/four cup Panko bread crumb
1/four cup milk
1 lb surface crimson meat
1 lb surface pork
1 medium onion, chopped glorious
1 egg
half tsp salt
1 tsp worcester sauce
1-2 tsp oil

half cup ketchup
half cup worcester sauce
1-2 Tbsp sake (or wine)


Put Panko in a titanic bowl, upload milk and stir.
Add meat, onion, egg, salt, pepper and worcester sauce to the Panko combo. Mix with your palms very neatly.
Divide the meat into 8 products and roll into oval balls. Push appropriate down to flat steaks and make an indentation in the heart. (in the tournament you could love to freeze choice, wrap either steaks with plastic.)
Heat oil in a frying pan at medium temperature, domain the patties in the nice and cozy oil, and fry for four-5 mins on one ingredient. Flip over and fry for 3-four mins blanketed till cooked because of.
Meanwhile mix ketchup and worcester sauce in a bowl.
Uncover the pan, upload sake, then ketchup sauce, and cook dinner for 30 seconds.

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