Kakiage Recipe

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Kakiage Recipe
Kakiage Recipe

Kakiage is a style of Tempura dish with as regards to a chopped vegetables and seafood.  This deep-fried circular food has a miles extra informal feeling than Tempura you would as well perhaps would be additionally additionally perceive, yet it is absolutely as scrumptious as Tempura.

Tempura is among the utmost properly-recognised Japanese foods exterior  Japan.  It is battered and deep fried seafood and vegetables.  Tempura will even be as formal as you’re keen on it to be at very expensive Tempura specialty restaurants in Japan.  Kakiage,  on each and every other hand, is crafted from thinly-decrease or chopped vegetables and small products of seafood mixed with Tempura batter and deep-fried.  It is an productive dish to use up left over vegetables hiding internal the corner of the fridge.

You can use any vegetables that dont have too moderately a lot moisture.  Root vegetables like Gobo, lotus root, carrots, and sweet potatoes are useful for Kakiage, yet which you need to experiment with some part fabrics you adore in fact.  It tastes enhanced to combination distinctive kinds of veggies In Kakiage moderately than riding one kind, yet you are purchasing to diminish them in an identical small products so that they can perhaps would be additionally be cooked jointly.  You dont are purchasing to, yet decrease-up shrimp, squid, or scallop are unparalleled furthermore flavors in this dish.

Kakiage will even be eaten, an just like Tempura, with Tempura sauce (our Mentsuyu), yet it absolutely may perhaps would be additionally additionally be used as a topping for Udon or Soba noodles and Donburi (rice bowl) dish.

Although Kakiage is superb handy and dollars nice to make, its no longer inferior to Tempura at all.  Try it, and youll like it!


2/three cup Gobo, thinly shaved
half cup carrot, thinly decrease
half cup brown onion, roughly diced
1/three cup eco-friendly beans, thinly decrease
6 shrimp, decrease into small products
1-2 Tbsp cake flour
pinch of salt
frying oil

Tempura batter 1 cup (240ml cup) cake flour
three Tbsp Katakuriko (potato starch) or cornstarch
1 cup (240ml) ice water


Put arranged vegetables and shrimp in a substantial bow, upload 1-2 Tbsp cake flour and salt, and coat vegetables properly with flour.
For Tempura batter, combination flour, Katakuriko or cornstarch, and water in a distinctive bowl. Do no longer over combination. Pour batter on the vegetable combination.
Put oil in a pan to at least one-2cm deep, warm temperature at medium excessive. Drop a host of spoonfuls of battered vegetables into oil and fry for five-6 mins turning once or two times.

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