Omurice Recipe

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Omurice Recipe
Omurice Recipe

Omurice, omelet rice, is ketchup fried rice wrapped with a crepe-like thinly fried egg.  Doesnt sound like Japanese nutrients, does it?  Omurice is a western pattern dish created in Japan in the early 1900s.  For over one hundred years, Omurice has been a radically straight forward nutrients for assorted folks of all a long time, principally younger ones.

Omurice is steadily served at western pattern Japanese restaurants in which Hamburger Steaks and Curry and Rice are additionally on the menu.  Today, there are omelet distinctiveness restaurants in Japan, and in order that they have have been given reasonably many assorted opportunity and tough forms of Omurice.  Omurice may per possibility in straight forward phrases about needless to assert be reliable with cream sauce or demi-glace brown sauce, without reference to the incontrovertible fact that straight forward Omurice is repeatedly accomplished with ketchup.   At restaurants currently, greater eggs are used and the fashion appears to be for the eggs to be smooth and runny, in addition the incontrovertible fact that little ones greater traditional Omurice egg is cooked very skinny.

Ketchup fried rice may per possibility additionally sound a little bit uncommon, nonetheless that’s greater like tomato pilaf.  The typical meat used in Omurice is fowl fried in butter which has an aroma that makes this dish taste western.  However, you’ll be able to per possibility in straight forward phrases about needless to assert use surface pork, shrimp or some component you’re keen on.

We put rice and eggs in combination one via one due to the fact it’d optimal achievable be a little bit less complicated, in addition the incontrovertible fact that little ones actual a few us wrap rice with eggs in a frying pan.  Do whichever works for you.  It tastes different either means!

Prep Time: five minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Yield: 2 servings


1 fowl thigh
1 small onion
1Tbsp butter
1 tsp oil
2 cups cooked rice
1/4 tsp salt
3 Tbsp ketchup
1/4 cup frozen efficient peas

egg crepe 2 eggs
1 tsp oil


Cut fowl thigh into 1″ models. Cut onion finely.
Melt butter and upload oil in a frying pan at medium warm temperature. Add fowl and cook for 1-2 minutes. Add onion and cook until eventually onion becomes translucent.
Add cooked rice and cook mixing for two minutes. Season rice with salt and pepper. Make room in the frying pan and upload ketchup. Cook most productive ketchup for 30 seconds to cook it down. Mix rice and ketchup and fry in combination for 1-2 minutes. Then upload frozen peas and cook some greater.
Place half of the ketchup rice into a rice bowl or identical actual bowl, pack flippantly, and unmold on a plate. Make yet one more one.
Beat eggs and a pinch of salt in combination. Heat frying pan with half tsp oil. Pour half of egg mixture onto sizzling frying pan and make a crepe-like skinny circular egg sheet. Cover molded rice with egg sheet to style an oval form. Repeat one greater time.

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