Shio Yakisoba Recipe

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Shio Yakisoba Recipe
Shio Yakisoba Recipe

Yakisoba is stir-fried egg noodles with roots in Chinese Chow Mien, on the opposite hand it has developed on its own path over an basically long-time period.  Japanese Yakisoba is extra passable recognised to be seasoned with a Worcestershire Sauce-like Yakisoba sauce. However, there’s an added favourite vary: Shio Yakisoba.  Shio feasible salt in Japanese, and salt is the truth is used in Shio Yakisoba alongside with other seasonings, on the opposite hand the option Shio Yakisoba is used to differentiate from sauce Yakisoba.  Shio Yakisoba is a lot less wealthy and amazing flavored as compared to any other vary, on the opposite hand is hugely tasty and may perhaps be extra habit forming for its a lot less exhausting style.

Having lived in Kansai areas where Okonomiyaki is reveals (which uses a sauce akin to Yakisoba sauce), Yakisoba with sauce is a extra showed and familiar vary or even the primary competitive vary for us. But, there are a considerable choice of of the diverse kinds of Yakisoba and Shio Yakisoba for the interval of Japan.  Many regions have created their own Shio Yakisoba employing native seafood and vegetables, on the opposite hand feels just like the dish is gaining extra cognizance nationally interior the decade or so.  When you make it at house, option to the truth there are this style of large amount of patterns, there’s hardly very any the primary suitable choice or wrong for what areas to apply.  We mandatory it to be very simple here and used most competitive some difficulties purple meat, bean sprouts, and green onions.  If you’re keen on extra vegetables, on the opposite hand, go upfront as you wish!  Just modify the option of salt and other seasonings option to the truth extra areas feasible diluting the way in which.

Chuka Men for Yakisoba is consistently offered as packages of ultra-glossy noodles interior the refrigerated segment at Japanese or some Asian markets.  Each package deal of noodles (on get collectively one rectangular) is for one serving, and somewhat comes with Yakisoba seasoning powder.  The seasoning powder is a effortless theme and doesnt style bad, I admit, so that you can perhaps also well go with to apply that as your Yakisoba sauce.  For persons who do now not have entry to any Asian markets at all,  dried spaghetti may perhaps also well also be used pretty than Chuka Men.  Similar to what we did in Ramen, boil dried spaghetti in boiling water (2L) with baking soda (2Tbsp), and get prepared dinner in accordance to the package deal.   You may perhaps also well now not wish to apply ultra-glossy pasta as or now not it’s a long way going to be too soft to stir fry after boiling.  We know or now not it’s a long way going to be now not precisely an analogous as Chuka Men, on the opposite hand may perhaps also well also be a appealing distinct substitution for individuals which will now not get Chuka Men. Get the full areas prepared, fry them collectively, and relish your own Yakisoba! (When you might be employing spaghetti or other style of ultra-glossy noodles which doesnt require water to loosen similtaneously cooking, depart out water interior the recipe.)

(Also, we put forward employing a non-stick pan to make Yakisoba to stop noodles getting caught on the pan.)


1/three lb (150g) purple meat, sliced thinly
2 cups bean sprouts
three green onions
1 Tbsp oil
half clove garlic, chopped
2 package deal (or 2 servings) Chuka Men noodles
1/4 cup (80ml) water
half tsp salt
pepper to style
1 tsp Soy Sauce
2 tsp Sake
1 tsp sesame oil


Cut sliced purple meat into bite length parts. Wash sprouts and drain well. Slice green onions diagonally. Set aside.
In a wok or frying-pan, warmth oil at medium high warmth. Add garlic and purple meat and stir-fry for a pair of minutes. Add sprouts and stir. Then add noodles and water interior the pan, canopy, and get prepared dinner for 30 seconds. Loosen the noodles and stir. Season with salt, pepper, Soy Sauce, Sake. Add sliced green onions and Sesame Oil interior the finish and stir-fry for some seconds.

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