Sukiyaki Recipe

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Sukiyaki Recipe

Sukiyaki is certainly one of the much warm pot dishes in Japan.  It has a sweet and salty flavor a little bit like teriyaki sauce, but with beef and vegetable contained in the blend, it has its possess Sukiyaki style participants love so relatively lots.   We customarily recover equipped dinner Sukiyaki in a cast-iron Sukiyaki pot on the dinner desk utilizing a portable gas stove and eat it as we recover equipped dinner.  It is a best dinner for circle of household or best delicacies to be aware of with guests.

Although Sukiyaki is a Japanese countrywide delicacies like sushi, that’s multiple by means of region. In eastern Japan (Kanto), they use a premixed sauce is named Warishita produced from sugar, soy sauce, mirin, and so forth. to recover equipped dinner with meat and vegetable, but in western Japan (Kansai) we hooked up authentic fact sugar and soy sauce directly onto meat contained in the pot to season.  Because we are from the west, we make Kansai trend Sukiyaki suited here.

In Sukiyaki, you desire thinly sliced beef.  Preferably with fats marbled into pink meat, along with Kobe (Matsusaka) beef.  They are notoriously pricey, nonetheless the feel is unbeatable in exchange with lean pink meat.  You will not even desire the teeth   So comfortable and genuinely yummy!Here contained in the us, that you simply can use thinly sliced rib-eye as a replacement.

Other than beef, there are various of constituents you will not be familiar with:

Ito Konnyaku (Shirataki)     Konnyaku is a jelly-like delicacies produced from konnyaku potatoes.  Ito Konnyaku is a noodle style of Konnyaku.

Kikuna leaves     Edible chrysanthemum greens which have a extraordinary normal flavor.

Enoki mushrooms     Long and skinny white mushrooms which have a decreased flavor.  They are customarily used for multiple warm pot dishes in Japan.

Naganegi onionsLong onions which are only white and thicker than efficient onions, but thinner than leaks.

If many of of the constituents are not feasible to you, you might too perchance also smartly replacement with any vegetables you’re keen on along with button mushrooms and onions.

In Japan, we dip cooked Sukiyaki beef and vegetable in uncooked eggs.  Sounds gross?  But that’s not! (smartly, may perchance also smartly be a little)  The comparatively positive Sukiyaki flavor receives light with egg, and on the similar time, the egg flavor complements Sukiyaki style.  While this would also be hazardous to eat uncooked eggs contained in the us, we dont customarily have complications with salmonella in eggs in Japan.  (I dont blame you in case you’d love to skip uncooked eggs since you dont wish to take an choice contained in the us.)

If you dont have a Sukiyaki pan nor portable gas stove, dont be demanding.  You can genuinely recover equipped dinner in a frying pan on stove best, and take it to your dinner desk like we did in our video.  Either way youll appreciate this delicious delicacies.


1 Tbsp oil
1 lb beef, thinly sliced
four Tbsp sugar
four Tbsp soy sauce
2 Tbsp Sake
part Nappa cabbage, curb 2″ width
2 lengthy onions, curb diagonally
1 bunch Kikuna, curb 2″ lengthy
1 package deal tofu, curb 1″ width
8 shiitake mushrooms
1 package deal enoki mushrooms
1 package deal itokonnyaku


Heat a pan at medium excessive and add oil.
Sear beef slices contained in the pan, and add sugar, soy sauce, and Sake when the shade of meat has all began turning.
Add the leisure of the constituents and recover equipped dinner about 10-15 mins.
Adjust seasonings in case you’re keen on by means of adding extra soy sauce and/or sugar.

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