Sushi Cake Recipe

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Sushi Cake is basically not stable Japanese food you locate at Japanese eating places whatsoever.  Before no subject what, or not it’s a methods rarely a dessert.  Sushi Cake is Sushi Rice molded and decorated with fish and greens so it variety of feels like a cake.  It is relatively colorful and festive, and a fine dish for a party of several sort. It seems a barely confusing, although this is in most cases relatively handy to make it at residing.  Actually, its tons more clean than Sushi rolls.  Besides, you too would possibly not also provides you with the latitude to discover it at any stores or eating places, so you will be able to even have got to make it after you adore to are purchasing for this dish.

Were not particular when or in which Sushi Cake turned into created, although it turned into perfect likely first made for young ones parties such as Hinamatsuri, the ladies festival on March third.  One of an priceless dishes for Hinamatsuri is Barazushi, colorful combined sushi with cooked greens, and its decoration too shall be over excited to make into a cake.  We even have more conventional sushi in many instances known as Oshizushi this is in most cases sushi rice shaped in molds and packed smartly with fish.  It wouldnt be distinguished that those details of sushi dishes prompted persons to create Sushi Cake.

We used salmon and tuna Sashimi (raw fish), although you will use no subject what you adore.  Other fish such as red snapper and yellow tail work good too.  If you’re not curious about Sashimi, Barazushi shall be used to make this too. Use Benishoga, red ginger, and green greens for shades.  Sushi Cake doesnt have got to be round either.  Use loaf cake molds or smaller shapes to make particular human being desserts.  Just dont fail to bear in mind to line the molds with plastic wrap to produce you with the latitude to unmold the rice with ease.

Sushi Cake is optimal for parties, potluck or any variety of particular situations.  Try this recipe,  and you’re likely to shock persons with this customary although tasty sushi dish!


1 recipe Kinshi Tamago
5-6 cups Sushi Rice
salmon Sashimi, sliced thinly
5 Shiso leaves, cut thinly
tuna Sashimi, cut into half” cubes
5 snow peas, blanched and halved


In a 7″ round cake pan, line with plastic wrap. Spread Kinshi Tamago at the underside. Then spread on half of the Sushi Rice. Pack firmly.
Place sliced salmon and Shiso leaves at the rice. Spread the leisure of the rice over the salmon and pack smartly. Wrap the full factor with plastic, and refrigerate for sector-hour till set.
Turn the cake out on a plate and take away the plastic wrap. Make flowers with salmon Sashimi pieces and neighborhood in the tactic the cake. Add Ikura in the tactic flowers. Place the halved snow peas around the flowers (like leaves). Scatter tuna and Ikura over the cake.

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