Yakitori Recipe

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Yakitori Recipe
Yakitori Recipe

Yakitori is grilled skewered hen dipped in a Teriyaki-like sauce.  It is an genuinely time-commemorated appetizer at Yakitori bars and different bar-kind restaurants in Japan.

Yakitori can be a dish at your dinner table, but it’s more like the food you consume with beverages at bars.  A lot of Yakitori bars grill their hen on a charcoal grill,  and the tasty smells of grilled meat and smoke come out to the line to allure purchasers.  People in Japan need to exit to drink after paintings, and Yakitori bars are different optimum time-commemorated locations to have a drink.

Yakitori bars serve very elegant type of Yakitori like ours, but as well there are a fair choice of skewered goods there.  They use every a half of a hen for Yakitori.  They not only use hen breast and thighs, but pores and skin, cartilage, hearts and well, the entirety else.  Yakitori is primarily eaten with Tare (thick sweetened soy sauce), but functional Shio (salt) seasoned Yakitori as well is particularly time-commemorated.

If you reside in Japan and would prefer Yakitori at residence for dinner, you might also indubitably make it; even although, you as well can devoid of problems get it at many locations there.  Chicken butcher department shops primarily have Yakitori to-go that’s grilled absolute best at barely corner of the store.  Supermarket delis as well have Yakitori on-the-go just like roasted and fried hen at supermarkets in the us.  If thats even too much problem :-), that you only could be able to replenish with canned Yakitori (not skewered) to satisfy your spontaneous Yakitori cravings.

Shio (salt)

Many of us reside out of doors Japan but must consume Yakitori occasionally.  Make Yakitori on a barbecue grill if that you only could be able to; thats the more fascinating.  Charcoal grill especially provides it a beautiful style.  When you suppose It is barely too much paintings to birth a fireside for a weekday dinner or whenever whatsoever, youre in success,  we made a recipe riding a frying pan.  It is so sleek to make!

We have 2 flavorings for Yakitori the ensuing: Shio (salt) and Tare (sauce).  We like the two, and desire you do too!  Just ensure your beer is large cold before you finish making it.

Prep Time: 25 minutes

Cook Time: quarter-hour

Yield: nine-10 skewers


half of cup soy sauce (120ml)
1/4 cup sugar (50g)
1/4 cup Sake (60ml)
1/4 cup Mirin (60ml)
1 lb hen thighs (450g)
2 lengthy white onions (or 5-6 green onions)
vegetable oil


Soak bamboo skewers (6″ lengthy) in water for 30 minutes.
Mix soy sauce, sugar, Sake, and Mirin in a small pot, and boil for 8-10 minutes till the sauce gets barely thick. Set aside.
Cut hen thighs into 1″ cubes, and cut onions (white half) into 1″ lengthy pieces. Skewer hen and onions alternately.
In a heated frying pan, spread oil very thinly, and cook skewered meat at medium high heat for five minutes. Turn and cook an alternative 5 minutes till browned and cooked because of.
Immediately dip hen in the sauce, and serve.

Yakitori with salt For Yakitori with salt, skewer just hen pieces and sprinkle with salt. Cook in an same approach as Yakitori with sauce (but do not dip in sauce).

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