Best Tasting Philly Cheesesteak Recipe

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Best Tasting Philly Cheesesteak Recipe – Not many people may know this, but a Philly Cheesesteak is actually Philadelphia cheesesteak. This famous cheesesteak recipe originated in Philadelphia and has been known all over the United States, and even the rest of the world as it has become the favorite food of many.

So what makes this dish special then? Why is it that many people from around the world favor this taste over the other cheesesteak recipes?

Perhaps one of the distinct characteristics of Philly cheesesteak is its meat. The meat slices in this recipe are generally thinly sliced top round or rib eye. Although other types of meat can be used for this dish, the top round and rib eye are most preferred. The meat slices are ensured to retain its juices as these are cooked at medium temperature on a lightly oiled griddle. As soon as the steak slices turn brown, these are quickly scrambled into finer pieces using a flat spatula. To make sure that these steak slices are perfectly cooked, these are often placed on top of fried onions. Aside from preventing the steak to be overcooked, the onions provide a pleasing aroma and a fusion of tastes into the meat.philly-cheesesteak-recipe-easy

While there can be many types of breads used in this dish, Philly cheesesteaks use Vilotti-Pisanelli rolls, or Amoroso rolls. Although there are many different variations of the Philly cheesecake as claimed by some locals and sources, the one thing that practically nearly all of these people agree on is the type of bread that would be perfect for a mouth watering meal. Certainly almost everyone agrees that regardless of the type of cheese and meat that you prefer for your version of this cheesesteak, it must be all piled up on top of an Amoroso roll. Such that, if you are looking for the original Philly recipe, one item that would definitely confirm its authenticity is the Amoroso roll.

On the other hand, no cheesesteak is ever complete without the cheese. The choice of cheese can vary depending on the preferences of the individual, but the most commonly used cheeses are Mozzarella, Provolone, American cheese, and Cheez Whiz. While the original 1930 version of the recipe does not include Cheez Whiz in the choices of cheese, it has become a common option as soon as it was marketed out commercially in 1952. In fact, according to most connoisseurs, Cheez Whiz is the secret ingredient in creating delicious cheesesteaks.philly-cheesesteak-recipe-crockpot

Over the years, the recipe has evolved into a number of variations. One popular variation is the buffalo chicken cheesesteak, which uses buffalo wings sauce and blue cheese dressing. Yet, another famous variation is the hoagie, which contains mayonnaise, tomato, and lettuce.

This recipe may have changed from one version to another, but the Philly cheesesteak will always remain as the best tasting original recipe ever.