Vegan Vanilla Cake with Layers and Frosting Recipe

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Vegan vanilla cake
may be our favorite cake so far. However, not all of us can make this favorite cake easily. Instead, we spent our money to buy it on the store. For your information, vegan is a choice that we have to do for our sake. Thus, we won’t talk about it in this special article. We will focus on how to make this cake in our home. The recipe is well-known so that everyone may know about it easily in this modern era. Overall, vanilla cake seems controversial since everyone has his or her own passion in cooking the cake. Hopefully, you will get your favorite vanilla cake in vegan version today.


It is important for us to prepare everything before cooking vegan vanilla cake on our kitchen. This recipe is quite easily to follow. Thus, we believe that you won’t have any trouble in preparing the ingredients and the kitchen tools. You have to notice that your vanilla cake will have some layers. In other words, we will cook taller vanilla cake today. Of course, you need three pans with 6-inch length. We are sure that not all of us have these kinds of pans. It would be better if you borrow from your neighbor or friend because the price is quite expensive.


Furthermore about the size of your vegan vanilla cake, we always suggest you to make your own or favorite size. In other words, you can make the size which you want. However, you have to know how to reach your favorite size. Based on our experience, rice milk will offer denser cake. It means that the size does not matter since our vanilla cake has proper density. If you want to have tasteful cake, you can add some sugar while cooking it. You need to know that your vanilla cake is still sweet on the side already. When you added more sugar, make sure you do not have problem with sweeter vanilla cake. Another option is leaving the sides without any frosting after all.


We have some tips for you before making vegan vanilla cake in your home. First of all, the temperature is the key. In other words, you have to always check the temperature of your open. In this case, we prefer to use oven thermometer. An oven without thermometer will cause some trouble for this recipe. Secondly, you must avoid mixing the ingredients especially for the dry one. It is necessary since the tough cake will belong to you if you did this carelessly. Last but not least, we suggest you not to peek inside the oven. For your information, opening the open may cause your vanilla cake falling after fifteen minutes of cooking.


The ingredients of vegan vanilla cake can be found in this segment. Here is everything that you need as follows:

1 ½ milk (non-dairy milk is preferred such as rice, almond, etc)

2 tsp apple vinegar

1 cup with 2 tbsp granulated sugar

1/3 cup with 2 tbsp vegetable oil

1 tbsp vanilla extract

2 cups unbleached flour

3 tbsp cornstarch

¾ tsp baking soda

1 tsp baking powder

¾ tsp salt


3 ½ cups powdered sugar

¾ cup margarine

¾ cup shortening

¼ cup creamer

1 tbsp vanilla extract

pinch of salt

How to Make the Cake

To make our lovely vegan vanilla cake, we have to make the cake firstly. Then, you have to prepare the oven with preheating around 350 Fahrenheit Secondly, please oil the pans. You can use parchment paper too. Thirdly, shake the non-dairy milk and vinegar in a bowl. After that, let them blend each other for five minutes. Afterwards, mix sugar, vanilla and oil until you see frothy mixture in the bowl. When everything has done, it is time to filter the baking soda, salt, flour, cornstarch and baking soda in a large bowl. Let the dry ingredients blend with the wet ingredients. Keep shaking or whisking them all until they become thick. Lastly, you can divide the batter into the pans and bake them all for twenty five minutes. Let them cool for fifteen minutes after they are ready.


How to Make the Frosting

After the vegan vanilla cake is ready, it is our time to prepare the frosting. Use the electric mixer and whisk the shortening and butter within medium speed. You can mix them for two minutes. Then, put the powdered sugar and change the speed into low. Last but not least, add non-dairy milk and vanilla extract into the mixer.

How to Combine The Cake

This is the last instructions which you have to follow. It is combing the frosting and the cake. Prepare the cake on the cake board. After that, place a half cup of frosting on the top side. Add the second and third layers by doing the previous steps. Storage the cake on the fridge for thirty minutes and your vegan vanilla cake is ready to serve