Calories In Half An Avocado with Health Benefits that You Can Receive

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To measure calories in half an avocado, we should know the type and size of that fruit firstly. This is not talking about how large the avocado, but also it is about the type of avocado. Thus, it is necessary for us to know the types of avocado before we count how much calories in our avocados. For your information, California and Florida avocados are different. The Florida avocados are larger than the California while California avocados have darker green than the Florida one. This example implies that calories in avocado whether it is half or full are different. The point is avocadoes have higher calories than most fruits. However, they can still be a part of healthy diet by the way.

calories in half an avocado

Total Calories

We still show you about the calories in half and avocado by the way. But, we will use a measurement from the Florida and California avocados which is the larger avocado type so far. A half avocado of Florida that has around 304 grams of weights carries 180 calories. Meanwhile, the California avocado that has smaller weight around 136 grams provides 113 calories. As you can see, both types of avocadoes are in calories above 100 kcal. If we compare calories in avocadoes to other fruits like mangosteen and green tea, avocadoes are the highest.

Why Do We Choose Avocado?

Although calories in half an avocado are highest than others, this fruit has plentiful vitamins and minerals plus other nutrients which are necessary for our health. We count more than 20 vitamins found inside this fruit. Moreover, avocados are also high-fat food. There are two kinds of fats which can be found. They are mono and polyunsaturated fats. For your information, both fats are good to replace the fats of butter or margarine. The most important fact is that avocado contains cholesterol and sodium free after all. There are some important nutrients too in this fruit like potassium, folic acid, cancer-fighting nutrients and B-vitamins. There is no other reason why we just left avocado as our healthy diet.

Free Cholesterol

If you concern about lowering your cholesterol in your body, calories in half an avocado can do its best. For your information, monounsaturated fats like oleic acid will lower the breast cancer risk. It also protects you from any cancer risks. We have to thank for potassium content which is also provided by avocado. This kind of mineral will help you to control the blood pressure and avoid some heart diseases or even stroke. In addition, your digestive system will also be fine because there is no cholesterol after all when you consume the avocados.

calories in half an avocado

Strong Immune System

The immune system will be stronger than before you believe in calories in half an avocado. For your information, avocado offers a good combination of Vitamin C, D and B6 plus manages and riboflavin obviously. This combination provides a good source of nutrients which can lower and even defeat the cancer risk. The immune system of human is also strengthened by omega-3. Moreover, avocado has an abundant amounts of omega-3 too so that this fruit is able to reduce lecithin. It is such a kind of fatty acid which is important for our nervous tissue. We also found Vitamins A and E sources inside the avocados for improving our skin and night vision.


Many people ask us about the one of health benefits of avocado whether it can boost or increase our brainpower or not. It is pretty obvious that calories in half an avocado cannot increase your IQ. But, it aids our brain to avoid depression and fight fatigue so that you can be more concentrated with your tasks or activities especially in learning or academic lessons. Those capabilities are well-provided by potassium that is one of the minerals found in avocados.

Gorgeous Look

Another question which has been asked by our readers frequently is about whether avocado can make our appearance looks gorgeous or not. The answer is obviously shown because avocado contains monounsaturated fat which will help our skin regeneration quickly. Thus, this fat can make our skin healthier than before. Moreover, there is also anti-wrinkle collagen which is combined with vitamin E. This combination is good as our healthy diet especially for women who want beautiful and gorgeous look on their face. The monounsaturated fat stimulates those nutrients naturally and effectively.


At last, we can conclude that calories in half an avocado bring many health benefits for us even though it contains much fat and higher calories than other fruits like spinach or carrot. For your information, a big and large avocado is able to contain 400 calories as the maximum numbers. This is even higher than a chocolate bar which can provide 230 calories. However, this chocolate does not provide much nutrients and vitamins like avocado does, right? Eating avocado does not rely on how much the size is. Just eat them twice in a week will bring many health benefits for our body and health.