Pineapple Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits for Us

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These pineapple nutrition facts will amaze and surprise you since this fruit is also popular among people these days. For your information, pineapple was originally derived from South and Central Americas. Then, Columbus brought it to Spain after he discovered Americas. Afterwards, pineapple spread out to the entire world by the European sailors alongside tomatoes’ health benefits. For your information, this fruit was used to protect pineapple to prevent those sailors from scurvy. This disease comes when you get vitamin C deficiencies on your body. In this article, we would like to share the nutrition facts which are found on the fruit which is also known as Ananas Comosus.

 pineapple nutrition facts


These pineapple nutrition facts would not be complete if we do not know the description of this special fruit. Pineapple is known as a tropical plant. It is able to grow from five until eight feet.  Meanwhile, the width can reach three until four feet. The flavor of the pineapple is juicy especially when we taste its pulp. Its flesh provides many fibers after all. For the rind or outer skin, it is rough and tough. The color of ripe pineapple ranges from reddish, orange and yellow while the juicy pineapple may be yellow or creamy white. The length of the fruit up to twenty inches and the weighs start from one to eight pounds.

Health Benefits

While we share about pineapple nutrition facts, we also share about the health benefits of the ananas fruit. Although the taste or flavor of pineapple is juicy, do not worry about the calories. This fruit is very low in calories especially the fresh one. For your information, a hundred gram of pineapple just provides 50 calories. These numbers of calories are equal with apples.  Meanwhile, the flesh of pineapple is fat free or cholesterol. Unfortunately, the soluble and soluble dietary fibers are offered in abundant amounts inside this fruit. Without further ado, let us check those health benefits plus the nutrients below of this paragraph.

Protecting Digestive System

Some studies have already proven pineapple nutrition facts. For your information, this fruit contains proteolytic enzyme bromelain. This enzyme is very effective to give protein from our food. Bromelain also is known as anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-clotting. If you consume this fruit, you may be free from some digestive system illnesses such as arthritis, worm infestation and indigestion. As we know, those diseases are pretty dangerous because they damage our digestive system directly. With the help of this fruit, your digestive system is safe.

Vitamin C

The next one of pineapple nutrition facts is about the antioxidant vitamin which is contained by this fruit. For your information, the most dominant vitamin is vitamin C. Based on the studies, a hundred grams of pineapple contains eighty percent of vitamin C. The use of vitamin C is very functional. The collagen synthesis of our body needs this vitamin in order to maintain the vital organs of human such as skin, bones and blood vessels.  Moreover, vitamin C also boosts our immune system and free radicals inside our body.

 pineapple nutrition facts

Vitamin A

Although the vitamin A is just offered in small amount, we still put it on the list of pineapple nutrition facts. According to some studies of this fruit, pineapple provides 58 IU of vitamin A per a hundred grams. The use of vitamin A is quite significant for our health. For your information, it is important for our vision, skin and mucusa. We suggest you to consume pineapple every day to protect your eyes. As we know, flavonoids can be found in this vitamin so that it has no difficulties for us to consume vitamin A through pineapple now.


The pineapple nutrition facts ended at the minerals which are also found inside this fruit. Some studies found that minerals are available in pineapple as follows: potassium, copper and manganese. It is time to break down each of them here. Potassium is necessary to control our blood pressure and also heart rate. Without this component of cell, we have no idea how our blood pressure is. Copper is also useful for cofactor. Meanwhile, the manganese is also important as the fighters of free radical in our body.


According to those pineapple nutrition facts, we will know how much nutrition which is contained by this fruit. Even minerals are also found as the containers of pineapple. We suggest you to purchase pineapple on the fresh seasons from March until June. Thus, make sure you have been preparing it from now and making a list. Moreover, choose the pineapple which has no bruises or spots on the outer skin or rind. A good and fresh pineapple will have a dull sound. Solid sound may be found when it is immature yet. Smell it before you decide it is the best. If you found musty smell, please choose another pineapple. Ripe pineapple will be perished immediately when you left it in certain temperature.