Chikuzenni Recipe

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Chikuzenni Recipe

Chikuzenni Recipe

Chikuzenni is a mixture of greens along side Renkon (lotus root) and carrots, Konnyaku and chook boiled in strongly flavored broth with soy sauce and sugar.  The dish is within the root from the southern a detail of Japan, within the Fukuoka arena of Kyushu island, even when, it has spread international wide the place Japan.

Chikuzenni is a not steady Nimono dish (boiled and seasoned greens) for noted, nonetheless also a substantive, immense a detail of Osechi Ryori, Japanese New Years vitamins.   Strongly seasoned Chikuzenni is excellent for Osechi Ryori which is designed to ultimate not decrease than three days so condominium wives dont ought to organize dinner within the root of current 12 months (so that they say).

Chikuzenni furthermore is an for certain first fee Osechi dish contemplating as some thanks to organize dinner all of the greens in one pot.  Each vegetable in not steady Nishime (a explicit term for boiled and seasoned greens) is cooked and seasoned one after the several.  So Chikuzenni is a less complex edition of Nishime, and that works for the busiest time of the 12 months in Japan.  That mentioned, you nevertheless ought to arrange each single vegetable in its applicable approach: shaping Konnyaku into twisted ropes, slicing carrots into plum crops, and many others.  It just isn’t powerful at all, on the other hand it requires a whilst and staying force.  It is a weird dish to celebrate a new 12 months, so we love to positioned some take a read about and thought into the dish, not truely slapping assets in combination (we do enough of that every one 12 months :-).

There are an performed lot of greens you will possibly also additionally not be familiar with on this dish.  If there is no such factor as a Japanese vitamins market close by to buy for them, take a read about diverse Asian retail outlets, as they’d also additionally optimum likely offer optimum of assets.



eight dried Shiitake mushrooms
eight snow peas
1 block Konnyaku
1 substantive carrot
1 Takenoko (Bamboo Shoot), boiled, cut into pieces 1″ thick 2″ lengthy
five oz Renkon (Lotus Root), boiled, sliced 1″ thick
1 chook breast or 2 thighs, cut into 2″ pieces
1 Tbsp oil
2 0.five cups Dashi
four Tbsp sugar
five Tbsp soy sauce
three Tbsp Sake
three Tbsp Mirin


Hydrate dried Shiitake mushrooms in water in a medium bowl.
Blanch the snow peas in boiling water or Dashi with a pinch of salt.
Cut Konnyaku into 0.five” thick pieces, make 0.five” slit within the midst of the piece, and thread an finish within the tactic the time of the hollow to make like a twisted rope (that you simply can blanch them to boot after you occur to don’t like the scent).
Cut carrot into 0.five” thick rounds, then cut with a flower shaped cookie cutter (please watch the video to go looking out out how one can cut for a three-D impression).
In a sizable pot, upload oil and heat at medium heat. When the oil turns into sizzling, upload chook pieces and prepare dinner till brown (no would actually like to organize dinner with the aid of). Add all greens along facet for the Shiitake and the snow peas and prepare dinner and stir for truely choice minutes. Then upload Shiitake and Dashi, canopy, and prepare dinner for 15-20 minutes till greens transform convinced.
Add sugar, soy sauce, Sake, and Mirin, stir, and prepare dinner an choice 15-20 minutes uncovered.
Remove from heat and enable it continue to organize dinner, coated, so the meat and greens absorb taste from the soup. Serve with snow peas as garnish.

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