7 Healthiest Fast Food Breakfast for Your Body Every Morning

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7 Healthiest Fast Food Breakfast for Your Body Every Morning

Those healthiest fast food breakfast brands may be what you are looking for until now because they will be your best friend every morning. As we know, morning is the best time for eating something healthy because it is when we start our activity and our body really needs much nutrition to run the day. Deriving from this reason, we already have seven places to go for you. Do not worry about following the calories because we have completely presented them all. Hopefully, you are able to choose and decide them for your morning destination every day.



We start the first list of healthiest fast food breakfast from the most popular one, Starbucks. This popular place for young people has the healthiest fast food on their kitchen. It is called Protein Bistro Box. For your information, this box has full of fruit combination, cooked egg, bread and peanut butter which are all the best for our body. This box consists of around 380 calories after all. It includes 13 gram protein and 5 grams fiber. Of course, those numbers are not small. You can also order a cup of green tea for healthier morning in Starbucks with antioxidant.


The next place which carries healthiest fast food breakfast is Subway. Many folks may not believe about having diet in this restaurant. But, the fact says differently. The name is Egg White Sandwich which consists of egg whites and cheese plus sandwich. Of course, it is not alone on your order list. You can add some avocadoes, spinach and other fruits if you want to. Overall, this fast food offers 180 calories within 6 grams fiber and 11 grams protein. Thanks to the English muffin after all for the low-fat diet in the morning. You can order some protein boosters such as ham.


Just order a Scrambled Eggs plus English Muffin on McDonald’s when you have no time to take a breakfast in the morning. This combination becomes our next healthiest fast food breakfast in the morning. Make sure you do not order them in extra plates because a single plate already offers 355 calories plus the large coffee. If you want to add sweeter morning, strawberry preserves could be a good choice for you. Once again, just order them in a plate, no more and no less. Your morning will be healthier when you do not order meat breakfast after all.

Jack in the Box

Another healthiest fast food breakfast can be obtained through the Jack in the Box’s menus. You can opt for Breakfast Jack menu in order to have healthier breakfast. For your information, this menu does not consist of meat after all. Your breakfast is in the sandwich form. You can also trade your ham for bacon instead. As a result, this breakfast menu just offers 283 calories with only 11 grams fat. An OJ will clean your stomach with its vitamin C. Overall, we have to say this is one of the best option for your breakfast especially when you need a fast food in the morning.

Burger King

French toast sticks which we can find on Burger King are the next best option of healthiest fast food breakfast. Although this menu offers more sweetness, those 3 strips have just offered 350 calories plus the syrup by the way. Meanwhile, it has only 11 grams of fat. The point is when you take a look on the sodium serving here which is very low at 275mg. The fat free milk is also available on Burger King so that you can opt with your sticks to bring more protein and calcium at once. Hopefully, your morning will become the most powerful morning in your life.


Dunkin’ Donuts

This is a very serious suggestion when you need healthiest fast food breakfast in the morning. Just grab your car and look for Dunkin’ Donuts on your local area. Then, order DDSmart menu because it brings less fat and calories for your body in the morning. The name of the menu is Egg White and Cheese Wake-Up Wrap. For your information, this menu has just offered 150 calories and 6 grams fat. The best pair of this menu should be fewer calories too. We recommend the Latte Lite as your drink in Dunkin’ Donuts. Some sites claim that this menu has at least twenty five percent of less fat.

Au Bon Pain

The last place which brings healthier fast food is Au Bon Pain. With its large Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, you will have lowered your cholesterol easily. It is caused by the fiber beta-glucan and avenanthramides which are very good as antioxidant and cholesterol-lowering. In addition, this oatmeal is also full of water which means that your breakfast has low calories. We just found 370 calories within 16-oz of this oatmeal. Overall, your breakfast will delay your lunch a bit because it makes your stomach feeling full after you ate this healthiest fast food breakfast.