Lemon Juice Nutrition Facts That You Have to Know

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Lemon juice nutrition will be yours today because we will talk about those facts in this special article. Lemon has another called as Citrus limon. This fruit is actually a combination between original citron and lime. In other words, it is a kind of hybrid fruit. In this modern era, we have many ways to enjoy lemons. Although the taste is sourer than other fruits, it contains many vitamins and minerals that are important for our body and health. As a result, not all part of lemons can be eaten in a time. But, we prefer to use some slices only. Therefore, we usually find this fruit as a garnish for meals or juice. Let us go to the nutrition facts of lemon below.

Nutrition Facts

If you just drink lemon juice every day without knowing the lemon juice nutrition facts, it is such a waste. It blinds you all the time while there are many nutrients beside of its sour flavor. They are vitamin C and fiber. There are also several minerals and oils which contain some plant compounds inside the lemon. Meanwhile, lemons have only low fat and protein so far. Instead, this fruit provides 10% of carbohydrate and 90% of water. For your information, a medium lemon is counted only 20 calories as its content. The carbohydrates that are found in lemons are the combination between fibers and sugars. The soluble fibers are also useful to reduce the blood sugar levels effectively.


Furthermore about this lemon juice nutrition, fibers are one of dominant contents that we can find in lemons. There is a kind of fibers that is called soluble fibers. They are like pectin, which has ability to reduce blood sugar levels. It is important for diabetes patients who concern to the digestion of sugar. Besides, lemons also contain simple sugars. Those simple sugars are like glucose, fructose and sucrose. Overall, fibers are easily found in the lemon juice. For your information, dietary fibers are very good to make our diet successful. Moreover, they also spread numerous health benefits in our body.

Vitamins and Minerals

The lemon juice nutrition also provides much vitamins and minerals that are useful for our health. We start from the dominant one, vitamin C. Inside lemon juice, the vitamin C becomes the most dominant antioxidants so far. This is good to act as immune system booster and also our skin. Another important mineral is potassium. For your information, potassium will reduce the blood pressure and give positive impact to cardiovascular disease. There is also vitamin B6 to convert the food becoming our energy.

Plant Compounds

It is obvious that lemon juice nutrition contains other plant compounds. If you do not know what plant compound is, it is a natural bioactive substances, which is usually found in plants. Luckily, some compounds of plant offers powerful benefits for our health. In this case, lemon juice has the same plant compounds that are categorized as citrus fruits. Mostly, they are good against cancer, inflammation and cardio vascular diseases after all. For further explanation, here are the plant compounds that we can find in lemons as follows: citric acid, hesperidin, D-limonene, diosmin, eriocitrin, and many more.

Lemon Water Nutrition

Beside of lemon juice nutrition, we also provide lemon water nutrition in this article. As we know, many people drink lemons in hold and cold temperature. It is okay since they did not add other ingredients into the lemon water like sugars or milk. To make lemon juice or water, you just need a half to one lemon. Then, blend it with ice or hot water for some minutes. That is how to make lemon juice. Now, it is time to see how much nutrition inside the lemon water. Just like the lemon fruit, lemon water is also the source of Vitamin C, fiber and plant compounds. They are also functioned as iron absorber from other foods or meals.

Health Benefits

The lemon juice nutrition also provides some health benefits. For example, the citric acid that is very good to reduce the kidney stones increases the urine output in our body so that decrease this disease risk. Meanwhile, pectins that are found on the pulp can provide the friendly bacteria inside our gut. As a result, our digestion won’t have any trouble when digestive system is working. A fun fact about drinking lemon juice is about improving our mood. In other words, it will lower our stress and depression properly. Make sure you do not put additional sugar on your lemonade because it will excess the sugar level of the lemon.


In conclusion, you have known some health benefits of lemon juice nutrition now. It is not only good for our digestive system, but also provides other health benefits. Our beverages will be healthier than before, right? Thus, we can consume this lemon juice every morning now.