7 Lemon Health Benefits for Healthier Body

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These lemon health benefits are the proofs that you will have healthy body when consuming lemon every day. For your information, lemons are categorized as citrus fruits. This kind of fruit contains plentiful vitamins and fiber. Consuming lemon in the morning will avoid us from any digestive diseases. That is all what you know about lemon health benefits, isn’t it? Meanwhile, lemon is not only providing that health benefit but also abundant amounts of advantages for our body. Luckily, we will share you all about them in this special article so that you will be more encouraged to consume lemon as your daily fruits.


Cardiovascular Disease

You need to know that lemon health benefits will reduce and even stop some cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and strokes. For your information, both diseases are the deadliest illnesses that are scared by all people in the world. Just by consuming lemon, you can lower their risks effectively. Thanks to the vitamin C which is the highest vitamin that we found inside the lemon content. If a person has low level of vitamin C in his blood, it would increase the risk of stroke too especially for overweight people and having high blood pressure. Take your time to consume lemon every day in the morning to reduce the risk.

Kidney Stones

The kidney stones may be prevented properly just by consuming lemon juice. That is why we place it on the list of lemon health benefits. How does it work? It is caused by the citric acid that is contained inside the lemons. For your information, this acid will increase the urine volume so that it may reduce and prevent the formation of kidney stones properly. This health benefit has also been proven by some studies that focused on lemon juice and lemonade. However, not all studies agree with that because they also have researched no effect for kidney stones.


The next one of lemon health benefits will reduce the anemia disease. For your information, this is usually caused by the pre-menopausal period for the women and iron deficiency too. Although this fruit does not contain much amount of iron, but lemon is a good source of vitamin C and citric acid. In other words, those nutrients can absorb much iron from other foods on your dishes or dessert. That is why you have to accompany your breakfast or lunch with lemon juice as the beverage. Thus, your requirement of iron can be filled up by the help of citric acid.


Our digestion will be the next target of lemon health benefits. It is all about the lemon ability to flush out toxins from our body. The atomic composition which is found inside the lemon juice is able to encourage our liver in producing bile. For your information, bile is a kind of acid that is very necessary for digestion. Meanwhile, our digestive tract is also aided by the minerals and vitamins that are found in lemons. The toxins will be loosened and our digestive system will be more relaxed without doing too many tasks any more. If you have already some indigestion diseases like bloating or heartburn, lemon is also helping us to reduce that disease.

Immune System

Our immune system is the first key of our body to keep healthy and functioning properly. Without strong immune system, some diseases are easy to come inside our body. Luckily, the next lemon health benefits will boost up our immune system. Thanks to the high potassium content of lemon. This nutrient is very good against high blood pressure so that it can be lowered easily. Moreover, the ascorbic acid on vitamin C of lemons is able to rid out inflammatory so that we can call it as anti-inflammatory too. The asthma patient will be helped through this nutrient.


pH Levels

Did you know that lemon health benefits are good to balance the pH levels? This fruit is very useful to make our pH level balanced. It is caused by the alkaline found in the lemons so that they are also known as the most alkalizing foods so far. Without alkaline or balance pH level, our body will be weak especially when metabolizing process. Acidic pH level in our body also welcomes the diseases to our body easily. Thus, it is important for us to maintain our pH levels by consuming lemons every morning.


Last but not least, our skin will get better impact when we consume lemon every day. As we know, the vitamin C inside the lemon has big role as the antioxidants for our skin. It is important to fight against free radical inside our body. In other words, lemon will make our skin clearer than you thought before. If you have scar on your skin, apply lemon water directly to the scar. It will fasten the healing process on the scar obviously. This is the last lemon health benefits we have today.