Shabu Shabu Recipe

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Shabu Shabu is a Japanese sizzling pot dish, Nabemono, with paper-skinny sliced pork.   It is cooked at the dinner table driving a portable gas stove and we devour it as we cook dinner.  There are masses of Shabu Shabu speciality restaurants in Japan, but that you are able to be able to positioned jointly it at domicile too.  The unmarried optimal main component of the dish is pork.  If that you are able to be able to get practical solid caliber meat, the leisure is absolutely now not difficult at all.

The initiating of Shabu Shabu is declared to be whilst a cafe in Osaka all started out serving it interior the 1950s.  It is like Mizutaki and it remains to be cooked and eaten at the dinner table, but you dont pack the pot with meat or fish and veggies like other Nabemono.  You dip very skinny slices of pork in sizzling Kombu broth and swirl them around a few seconds. Then you devour the sizzling meat with sauce.  Other types of skinny meat or fish may be cooked in an identical method (and nonetheless said as Shabu Shabu), at the side of pork, crab, and blowfish, but pork Shabu Shabu is the premier one of all.

The cuts of pork may be sirloin, rib eye, chuck eye roll, etc.  It is dependent upon how a lot you’d favor to spend. The key of determining the meat is no matter if its marbled smartly with fats.  You will favor to devour pork without fats for your steak, but for Shabu Shabu, you desire some fats interior the meat for tenderness and flavor.  Because the pork is most efficient cooked by method of dipping in sizzling broth, meat solid caliber are now not be compromised.  There are many types of branded pork in areas across Japan, such since the famous Kobe pork, which might just charge $20 or more per 100g (three-four oz thats over $eighty per pound!).  Now suppose how expensive it’ll optimal likely be to devour at practical Shabu Shabu restaurants with their mark-ups!

If you have got entry to Japanese grocery retailers, thats unprecedented, and so they bring sliced pork organized most efficient for Shabu Shabu.  You might just ask neighborhood butcher save for particular cuts, on the alternative hand it’ll or might just now not paintings.  You might just also are in search of decreasing at domicile by method of slicing half-frozen pork with a meat slicer or by method of hand.  Cut slowly and beware to now not shrink your self!

We made sesame dipping sauce right here, that’s a  wide sauce for Shabu Shabu.  This wealthy and deep flavor from floor sesame enhances smartly the a little bit of only organized meat and veggies.  However, that you are able to be able to make use of Ponzu Sauce for a more refreshing taste for the ones who settle on.  We used just some types of veggies to curiosity more on pork.  If you’d favor to have more veggies, just add to it.  Read our Mizutaki recipe to recognise more about Japanese veggies for a sizzling pot.

If you have got any particular situations or only would want to rejoice an each day dinner, get nice pork and have tasty Shabu Shabu at domicile!


10cm Kombu (dried kelp)
1500 ml water
three Tbsp Sake
300g pork, sliced very thinly
6 leaves nappa cabbage
three white lengthy onions
6 Shiitake mushrooms
half of bunch Kikuna or Shungiku (ideal for eating chrysanthemum leaves)

Shabu Shabu dipping sauce four Tbsp floor sesame seeds
2 Tbsp Soy Sauce
2 Tbsp sugar
1 Tbsp Rice Vinegar
1 Tbsp Miso Paste
2 Tbsp water


Mix the two of the matter material of the dipping sauce. Set aside.
In a pot, positioned dried Kombu interior the water, and allow it take a seat for quarter-hour.
Cut meat into the measurement you adore. Cut cabbage into 2″ width pieces, slice white lengthy onion diagonally, shrink off the stems of Shiitake mushrooms, and shrink Kikuna (Shungiku) into 2″ interval pieces.
Heat the pot at medium major warm unless the water boils, then take the Kombu out. Turn down the warm to medium low. Add Sake.
Dip the meat interior the simmering broth unless the color turns pink. Cook meat and veggies as you devour.