Vanilla Bean Paste

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Need to know every good baker’s ace in the hole? It’s vanilla bean paste! This 3-component Homemade Vanilla Bean Paste is much healthier than storebought versions and a whole lot flavorful.

Vanilla paste is much more flavorful and splendid than vanilla flavoring. While have great uses in baking, vanilla paste adds something.

Unlike vanilla flavoring, that is a smooth and consistent brown liquid produced from soaking vanilla beans in vodka for 8 days (which you’ll make in your own home too!), vanilla paste is made of grinding the particular vanilla bean pods. Vanilla paste is thicker than vanilla flavoring, supplies a more serious vanilla flavouring, and is filled with individuals fancy luxe vanilla bean flecks that you will see in costly, sophisticated desserts.

This Homemade Vanilla Bean Paste recipe takes some set-up, but it’s SO so worthwhile. It’s a lot more potent in flavor than common vanilla flavoring and doesn’t contain the refined sugar or corn syrup typical to storebought brands (their first component is generally sugar, not vanilla).

I understand, you most likely think I’m crazy. When 1 teaspoon of Vanilla Paste is disseminate over a whole cake batter or marshmallow mix, that teaspoon of sugar is essentially minimal! You’re right. However I still avoid processed white-colored sugar whenever I’m able to. The times of eating three Hersheys bars along with a Peanut every day are over… so the actual, getting chose to make this AWESOME Homemade Vanilla Bean Paste and may ‘t be more happy!


30 Vanilla Beans*

6 tbsp . Vanilla Flavoring (I made use of homemade)

1? cups Agave Nectar**


Place all of the ingredients inside a mixer and puree until smooth (you are able to slice the vanilla beans if you wish to avoid wasting time).

Convey a capable strainer more than a bowl and pour the mix inside.

Press around the vanilla bean “pulp” to obtain just as much liquid out. Pour the strained vanilla paste liquid right into a jar and seal tightly (discard the pulp, or reuse it to steep in homemade vanilla flavoring). Keep vanilla paste within the fridge.


*I made use of the vanilla beans that I did previously make my Homemade Vanilla Flavoring.

**You are able to sub the Agave Nectar with Vegetable Glycerine for any sugar-free version if you want!