Vegan Pesto Recipe, Tips and the Importance of Making Vegan Pesto

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Vegan pesto recipe is a very good decision to accompany your main dish every day. Moreover, it is homemade and you can make it as much as you can too. For your information, traditional pesto usually uses parmesan cheese in order to add more saltiness and flavor to our mouth. Meanwhile, the nutrition that we need every day is also supplied very well with this scrumptious sauce too. It looks like nutritional yeast after all. However, you are also able to create or prepare the vegan pesto without any nutritional yeast either. It is fine since you love eating it and here is the list of ingredients that you have to prepare first.

Vegan pesto recipe

Making Vegan Pesto

Following my vegan pesto recipe does not actually use the science things. Instead, it requires your intuition because pesto is likely flexible. Of course, it brings many benefits for us who are dairy-free people. Making vegan pesto will be easier since we have no worry as same as gluten-free folks. I am able to say that making this pesto recipe as easy as making a pie. In making this sauce, you can rely on herbs, nuts, and olive oil. Moreover, the main ingredient can be cilantro or basil. It depends on your desire after all. My favorite is by combining mint basil and parsley as the freshest pesto ever. Meanwhile, I choose hazelnuts or walnuts as the modifier.


For you who never make or follow this vegan pesto recipe yet have to know some those important tips. The first one is about what pesto is. For your information, vegan pesto is more than a pasta sauce. It means that pesto has a higher position than standard sauce. This sauce is able to boost up your current dish or recipe. Secondly, you are able to stir it with another sauce such as tomato sauce after all. It works best when you stir them before you serve the dish. Pesto is also good when you plop down a dollop of it into a soup bowl. Another tip is by adding roasted potato wedges and grilled vegetables with vegan pesto. To do this, make sure you have stirred it into polenta. Last but not least, it can be a superb topping for your pizza by the way.

Versatile Sauce

Overall, vegan pesto recipe is a very versatile sauce regardless of the nutrition. Because of this versatility, we will get many benefits for having it in our home. Thus, there is no reason why we do not have to make it when all of these ingredients are ready to be mixed. Here are the ingredients of vegan pesto which has zero on dairy.


Herbs like basil, parsley or mint                                 2 cups (washed and packed)

Shelled pecans or hazelnuts                                        ½ cup

Fresh garlic                                                                     ½ cloves

Virgin olive oil                                                                ¼ cup



First of all, you need to combine the nuts, garlic, and herbs. I suggest you to use a food processor to mix them all. In the end, they turned to be a coarse meal.

Prepare a drizzle technique before you add virgin olive oil into the food processor. This technique is by turn the processor on and off periodically. The olive oil will keep the mixture spreadable and moist. Process it until the mixture smoother than before.

The next step is seasoning the mixture with salt. Actually, this is optional based on your own taste.

Cover the mixture and let it chilled for an hour or more. It is important to help the mixture’s saturating of the flavors. If necessary, add another layer of virgin olive oil on the top as pouring. For your information, it will keep the mixture bright green.

When it has done chilling, pour them into a rounded cup. If you really concern about the color, this vegan pesto recipe will darken when you put it on a heat.


Since this is a vegan pesto recipe, it is necessary for me to show the calories for one serving. Based on our recipe, you may get 27 calories and 23 calories from fat. The total fat that you get is around 2.6 grams or around 4% only. There is no cholesterol after all. For your information, mostly vegan pesto offers low-fat calories and cholesterol so that you would not have a worry about your diet program anymore.

Vegan pesto recipe


Adding vegan pesto recipe to our meals or foods every day is very good for our body. This sauce provides high proteins from the herbs. Moreover, it will also add your appetite in eating something. You can use this pesto as your vegetarian’s sandwich spread every day. Of course, you will lose nothing because it is highly low fat. Making vegan pesto is also easy because you can make it in your home every day so that you won’t have much worry when the pesto is running out.