2 Vegan Sushi Recipes with Mushroom that Will Make Your Tongue Dancing

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There is no different to cook normal and vegan sushi recipes after all because they are same. The difference comes from the ingredients. Of course, we have no problem with fishes because they provide much protein. But, some people prefer to choose vegan sushi because they are in diet program or want to give better impact for the world in vegan community. Luckily, this kind of sushi is always being healthy if we know how to cook and choose the ingredients correctly. I have prepared two best recipes of vegan sushi which will make your tongue dancing every day.

vegan sushi recipes


To cook the first one of our vegan sushi recipes today, you need to spend around an hour and a half. This recipe will serve for 4 rolls of sushi. Here are the ingredients as follows:

For the Sushi Rice:

Sushi rice                             1 cup

Water                                   1 cup

Rice vinegar                        1 tsp

Sugar                                     1 tsp

Salt                                         ½ tsp

For The King Oyster Mushroom:

Diced king oyster mushrooms       2 cups

Water                                                   ½ cup

Cornstarch                                          1 cup

Canola                                                  plentiful

For the Sauce

Vegan mayo                                       ½ cup

Sriracha                                                1 TB

Assembling them all with:

Toasted nori                                       4 sheets

Black sesame seeds                          4 TB

Avocado                                              1 slice

Chopped scallions


First all, we need to make the sushi rice for this one of vegan sushi recipes today. To do this, please place both ingredients like rice and water into a rice cooker. After that, you can season it with salt, sugar and rice vinegar. Lastly, set aside to make the rice cool.

Next step is making the mushrooms. This is slightly difficult because you have to use heavy duty oven. Add olive oil over medium to high heat. Wait for five until seven minutes for making the oil ready. During the time, add the chopped mushrooms to the coat. Shake them all with cornstarch and toss by using your hand.

Throw a pinch of cornstarch to test the oil. If they are disappeared quickly, it is time to fry the mushroom. Use skimmer to fry the mushroom until you get the brown color. It must be around three minutes. Drain the mushroom.

It is time to assemble the dynamite rolls. Firstly, divide the rice into 4 parts. Take and slide your sushi mat with plastic wrap cover. Add a sheet of nori in front of it. To make the rice not sticking with your finger, moisten your fingers. Spread the rice over the sheet. Make sure you create some spaces on the top.

Do the same with the mushrooms. Four parts for four portions. Use dynamite sauce to drizzle the mushroom. Add a couple slices of avocado before you roll the sushi. Gently, grip the mat while rolling. Seal the end of the sushi with water. Repeat it until you get 4 portions of these vegan sushi recipes.


The next one of our vegan sushi recipes today is a super basic recipe. It suits for you who are newcomer for sushi cookers. In this recipe, I deliberately change the white rice into brown rice for our health sake. Meanwhile, the vegetables should be fresh as possible. This sushi serves for 2 portions only Let us go through to the ingredients.


Raw Nori                              2 sheets

Steamed Brown Rice          1 cup

Carrot Shredded                 1

Green Onion

Sliced avocado                    ½ slice

Sesame Seeds

Sunflower Sprouts


I believe you have understood about cooking the rice so that I go directly to the ways of making the sushi. Place the rice in shallow pan and drizzle the vinegar all over the rice. Make sure all rice absorb the vinegar.

Prepare the nori or seaweed on the sushi mat or bamboo mat. Plastic wrap should be line of the nori. Moisten your hand with the water. Take a half of cup of the rice and spread it over the sheet. Make sure it remains a space on the edge around an inch.

Add the ingredients for the sushi’s fillings that I have listed above right on the top of the rice. Use your finger to spread the filling and the rice.

Roll up the sheet from the covered part of the rice firstly. Do it very carefully. To seal the sushi, moisten the edge part of the nori.

Last but not least, we are now able to cut the sushi with a dip sharp knife. With back and forth technique, please give a light pressure when you cut the sushi. Slice the sushi roll and the vegan sushi recipes are ready to serve.

vegan sushi recipes


They are easy, right? I believe you can make those recipes every time you want to east vegan sushi. I have presented the easiest ways to make sushi. For your information, the taste is not too bad even you are a new cooker for vegan sushi recipes.