Vegetarian Stuffing Recipe and Rules That You Need to Know

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Vegetarian Stuffing Recipe and Rules That You Need to Know

Following vegetarian stuffing recipe may ruin our own creativity and creation in making stuffing especially for vegetarian because everybody has his or her own opinions about that. Moreover, it also fuses with the tradition which has already been spreading out until now. However, we have summarized some do and don’t when you are making stuffing by yourself. In other words, there are several rules which you have to follow when making this special food. Of course, all people will agree with these rules obviously because we have collected them from the experts. You can also add your own creation for your vegetarian stuffing. We just share the basic things that you need to know about vegetarian stuffing.



This is the first thing that you need to know before following our vegetarian stuffing recipe. For your information, it would be best for you to prepare the elements of stuffing a day before you want to cook it. It is important since we cannot bake the stuffing before the show time because it will lose the crispy and moisture obviously. Thus, it is necessary for us to have good time management before cooking the stuff. You can prepare the ingredients. Then, combine the entire ingredients around an hour before you show the vegetarian stuffing on the table.

Butter or Olive Oil?

It is necessarily to be discussed since we have vegetarian stuffing recipe here. People may ask whether they have to go all with butter only or olive oil only. Surely, it does not a matter if you go for both because the full flavor won’t give too much calories. However, there is a rule when you decide to go with all olive oil. It must be six teaspoons because four teaspoons are prepared for the vegetables, one teaspoon for the skilled and the remaining teaspoon will work for the topping before you start baking the stuffing. Instead, butter just needs for two teaspoons.


Since this is vegetarian stuffing recipe which is made for vegetarian, you have to stay providing many herbs as possible. Without herbs, we do not know the name of your stuffing. Moreover, your stuffing will have bland form after all. Just do not limit yourself when choosing the herbs. Parsley or basil can be a good option for your health. In addition, they can be fresh or dried. However, there is a rule when you choose dried herbs. It is about rubbing them firstly on your fingers in order to help releasing aromatic stuffing in the end.


The next thing you need to know about vegetarian stuffing recipe is about the bread. The function of the bread here is important as the base of the stuffing. You can slice them too before cooking the ingredients. It won’t be a matter after all about what kinds of bread you have to choose. But, we suggest you to give textured and tasteful bread for your vegetarian stuffing because it increases your appetite effectively. What about the crush? You have no worry about that. It does not matter whether you remove the crush of the bread or not. Moreover, you can purchase the bread several days before you cook the stuffing.


When we discuss about vegetarian stuffing recipe, we cannot say it without chestnuts. Yeah, it is surely a good ingredient for your stuffing. This kind of nuts has everything we need. They have sweet taste, creamy texture and everything that satisfies our tongue and mouth. You can get much variants during holiday because most supermarkets offer cooked chestnuts as their offerings. Some preferable tastes of chestnuts are as follows: frozen, canned, jarred, etc. For vegetarian, chests will replace the meat’s flavor obviously.



Now, we are in the important part of vegetarian stuffing recipe. Please take a note for them below:

Chopped garlics                                3 cloves

Chopped Sage                   3 tbsp

Chopped white onion    1

Salted Butter                     2 Sticks

Chopped carrot                   1

Chopped celery                  3 stalks

Apples with skins              2


Vegetable broth                  1 can

Bread                                    1 loaf

Craisins                                 ½ cup

Cayenne Pepper                  ¼ tsp


How to Make

First of all, heat the oven at 350 degree Fahrenheit. After that, melt the butter. We suggest you to use a sauté pan. Add the sage, celery, onion and carrot on the same place with the butter. Wait until the onions become transparent. Afterwards, you can add the salt, pepper, apples and garlic at once. Wait for two minutes and vegetable broth is ready to be added. During the time, season the cayenne. If you need more salt and pepper put them as needed. Then, prepare the bread and tear it away. Place them in a bowl and pour the mixture. Bake them all without any cover in the same temperature in the beginning and your vegetarian stuffing recipe will be ready for about forty minutes.