Velveeta Sausage Dip Recipe for Slow and Normal Cooker

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Watching television will be better when we are eating Velveeta sausage dip in front of it. For your information, this is a kind of snacks that can be a good friend for us during lazy time such as watching television or during the commercials. Otherwise, it can also be your appetizers before the main course. We are sure that you will have very good experience after doing that. If you do not know what the Velveeta is, we will give you the explanation after this paragraph. Overall, we also provide how to cook your own cheesy sausage dip with Velveeta in this article.

Velveeta sausage dip


Before you are going to cook the Velveeta sausage dip recipe, you have to know what the Velveeta is. Velveeta is an American cheese which offers unique taste for cheese’s lovers all over the world. For your information, this brand has free-liquid texture which means that it is very good as the main ingredient of a recipe. This cheese has been very popular since its first appearance in 1927 until now. In United States, this chees is called as a processed cheese. The meaning of Velveeta itself is connoting a soft and smooth cheese’s taste. Hopefully, you are now what it is and implementing your next recipe with this product as well.

Cheesy Sausage Dip Creation

Now, we are going deeper to know the Velveeta sausage dip. Actually, the general form of this recipe is a cheesy sausage dip since Velveeta is a processed cheese. This recipe is very good to accompany us in our spare time. There are many creations or variations that you can improve for your basic cheesy sausage dip. For instance, you can add cream cheese as the topping plus a garlic powder for your own sake. Moreover, this recipe is versatile. It means that it can be cooked by slow cooker too if you do not know how to use the stove. After all, it is all up to you in creating your own cheesy sausage dip.

Instruction for Slow Cooker

We have some ways if you are slow cooker here for making Velveeta sausage dip. First of all, crumble the sausage thank cook it until brown over medium to low heat. Secondly, make it browner and deeper than the previous brown. Once your sausage on that condition, please drain it until there is no any grease. Stir the garlic powder, chili, corn and tomato. Make sure they have medium heat entirely. After that, you can place them on a serving dish. Lastly, you can add some meats and Velveeta. Stir them all occasionally until the cheese melted.

Velveeta sausage dip


The ingredients of Velveeta sausage dip are quite simple. Make sure that you make a list of them all on a paper before going to cook them. For your information, this is a quick and simple recipe of cheesy sausage dip with Velveeta as the main cheese. Of course, we do not want to limit your creation in making this recipe so that you will have your own cheesy sausage dip in the end. Without further ado, here are the ingredients that you must prepare before cooking it.

Velveeta                              1 block (32oz.) and cubed

Rotel                                     3 cans

Sausage                               1 pound

Milk                                       1 cup

Philly cream cheese        1 block (8oz)

That is all what you need. Now, it is time to follow our instructions below. If you are not a professional or only a slow cooker, please go to the previous section in making this recipe.

How to Make

Generally, there are only four or five steps to make Velveeta sausage dip. In other words, it is quite easy for beginner cooker to make this recipe after all. However, we made it more details in this article so that you can understand them easily. Here are the instructions as follows:

  1. Prepare your Velveeta, milk and Rotel.
  2. Take a boiler and put those ingredients inside it
  3. Melt them all.
  4. During the process, you can cook the sausage or meat.
  5. Make sure you chopped them all especially when you put them in a skillet.
  6. Back again to the boiler and make sure that the ingredients are melted perfectly.
  7. It is time to add the cooked sausage and the cream cheese.
  8. Mix them all.
  9. The cheesy sausage dip with Velveeta is ready.


Last but not least, we have some important tips when you are making this cheesy sausage dip. The recipe that we provided above is only for 2-3 portions or a party size amount. The more parties you have, the more size that you have to prepare. This kind of appetizer is very good for you who need some snacks for watching movies or television. Surely, it would be better if you invited more friends to taste your cook. Once there was anything remaining on the table, it does not mean your Velveeta sausage dip is not good.