Yakimeshi Recipe

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Yakimeshi Recipe

Yakimeshi is Japanese fried rice with egg, meat, and veggies.  Yakimeshi is something your mom makes from left over rice and components she already has inside the condominium.  Other than rice and egg, there aren’t any correct components give some thought to to milk.  Yakimeshi is temporary and effortless and to boot a enormously low-commission delicacies that you only’re going to make for your possess family or your self.

If you are from a country in which americans eat rice as a staple delicacies, you realize extra than a volume of fried rice dish like Yakimeshi there.  China has Chow Fan, and Indonesia has Nasi Goreng.  There is genuinely a day or two day historic steamed rice inside the kitchen of any Japanese possess family, and it standards to be eaten in extra than a volume of technique.  Yakimeshi is a fabulous dish not purely for recycling historic rice however additionally lets in you blank up odds and ends of components forgotten inside the nook of the fridge.  You can use any meat from flooring beef or pork to lunch meat ham to even Kamaboko fish cake.  It is an analogous technique for the veggies, onions, carrots, efficient peas, or something.  Even a stem of broccoli is practically chopped up and fried with rice.  Egg is the tip aspect that will be severe to upload for Yakimeshi.  Egg is basic considering it could enhance fluff up fairly glutenous Japanese rice from getting soggy and mushy.

Chinese fried rice is practically quite common in Japan and akin to Yakimeshi, however Yakimeshi is extra comfortably flavored.  There aren’t any seasonings like garlic or ginger or any mystery sauce.  Salt, pepper, and extra than a volume of soy sauce, and that will be it.  Yakimeshi has a straight forward domestic made flavor that reminds you of moms cooking in possibility to restaurant delicacies.  It could doubtlessly not occur too glamorous however here is a extra or less dish you in entire have have been given to go back back to.

Prep Time: 5 mins

Cook Time: 7 mins

Yield: 2 servings


1/four brown onion
2 slices ham
four shrimp
2 efficient onions
1 Tbsp oil
2 cups steamed rice
1 egg, overwhelmed
1/four tsp salt
white pepper
1 tsp Soy Sauce


Chop brown onion coarsely. Cut ham and shrimp into small pieces. Chop efficient onions finely.
Heat wok with oil at immoderate warmness. Stir-fry onion, ham, and shrimp.
When half technique cooked, upload steamed rice and cook breaking aside. Pour overwhelmed egg over rice and cook until eventually the egg coagulates. Add efficient onions.
Add salt, pepper, and soy sauce and cook a minute longer.

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