7 Health Benefits of Cucumbers From Your Head to Your Heart

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7 Health Benefits of Cucumbers From Your Head to Your Heart

The health benefits of cucumbers are still questioned by some people who dislike eating this fruit. For your information, cucumbers are categorized as the same plant family such as watermelon, pumpkin and squash. Perhaps, you start liking this fruit now after knowing this fact. Another fact about cucumber derives from the nutrition which is consisting of 95 percent of water. It means that we will have the same feeling to eat watermelon when we ate cucumber in a hot summer. That is only a few facts about cucumber that you might not know. Here are the more important things about cucumbers. The health benefits that you receive after consuming this fruit are as follow.


Protecting Brain

The first health benefits of cucumbers are able to protect our brain and thanks to the anti-inflammatory flanovol which is called fisetin. This nutrient is very important for our brain health such a memorizing, nerve cell protectors and anything related with the brain. For your information, a fisetin is enough to protect the brain from Alzheimer’s disease symptoms like progressive memory and impairments. Thus, eating cucumbers is equal with protecting your brain. It is easy to serve cucumber with our dishes. It also looks beautiful as the garnishes. Therefore, we cannot underestimate this cucumber’s health benefit right now.

Reducing Risk of Cancer

Other important health benefits of cucumbers are about reducing the risk of cancer. For your information, cucumber contains one of important polyphenols which is called lignans. This nutrient may aid your body to prevent risk of cancer like uterine, breast and even prostate. This fruit also contains cucurbitacins which can be found in phytonutrients. Experts call this nutrient as anti-cancer. It would be better if we can prevent the cancer rather than curing it before we are late. The cucurbitacins will block the cancer cell inside our body and it cannot harm us anymore. Thus, eat cucumber every day to reduce the risk of cancer easily.

Source of Antioxidant

These health benefits of cucumbers cannot be separated with antioxidant features. There are numerous antioxidants that we can find in cucumbers. The most popular antioxidants are beta-carotene and Vitamin C. Moreover, cucumbers also contain antioxidant flavonoids like quercetin which will prevent histamine release in our body. This nutrient is not only reducing the risk of cancer, but also lowering the risk of chronic illness such as heart disease. It is necessary to know the risk of chronic disease because it always derives from small symptoms.

Refresh Our Breath

Our next health benefits of cucumbers will be a good idea to freshen our breath easily. To get this benefit, you have to place a slice of cucumber on the roof inside of your mouth. This activity will remove any odor-causing bacteria. In addition, cucumber also helps our stomach to be relaxed by releasing the excess heat inside it. For your information, bad breath problem may come from our stomach sometimes. When our breath is freshened, there is no more problem for us to take a long run. Fresh breath is really important to keep us in the mood doing our activities every day.

Digestive Health

Water and fiber become the next health benefits of cucumbers because both elements are good for our digestive health. It is very easy to get this benefit because you just need adding the cucumbers into your salad or juice. For your information, your body needs abundant amount of fiber. It is around fifty grams per a thousand calories. Moreover, acid reflux disease can also be reduced if you drink much water every day and cucumber consists of ninety five percent of water. The use of water is to increase the stomach pH. All of these water necessity are well-provided by cucumbers.


If you are struggling in maintain your weight, cucumbers can be your additional list in your diet program. We have to appreciate how low the calories are inside the cucumbers. It is our next one of health benefits of cucumbers. You can eat it as your snack, soup, juice or everything that suits with your diet program. Once you ate the cucumber, its soluble fiber will transform into a gel-like texture when it comes in your gut. As a result, your digestion will be slowed and you will feel full longer than usual. That is why fiber-rich fruits or vegetables like cucumbers are good as weight controller these days.



Last but not least, heart is our last target for health benefits of cucumbers. Potassium which is easily blended with your blood pressure will accompany your hearth to be healthy and doing everything properly. This mineral protects your cells inside and outside. The heart function will be increased and you have no worry with some heath diseases anymore. After all, we are in the end of this article now. Hopefully, you will get something important about cucumbers in this article.