7 Health Benefits Of Blueberries for Our Body

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Talking about health benefits of blueberries, we are literally blind and that is why we made this article in order to make us understand and at least know the benefits of this sweet fruits. Moreover, blueberries can be added on our salads and other breakfast recipes in the morning. For your information, blueberries are popular because they provide abundant amounts of proanthocyanidin. This kind of nutrients is the main rivals of such diseases like cancer and cholesterol. In this special article, we show some major benefits especially for our health of blueberries. We also present some vitamins and minerals which can be found in blueberries.



Before we are going through to the health benefits of blueberries, it is important for us to know some facts about this fruit. For your information, these fruits contain a plentiful antioxidants and nutrients which will be shown in this paragraph. According to the ORAC, the score of blueberries reach 9,621 which is amazed us all. As a result, blueberries become one of the highest antioxidant foods in this entire world. A cup of blueberries will provide you some nutrients as follows: Vitamin K, Vitamin C, fiber, lutein, Gallic acid, zeaxanthin and resveratrol. Without further ado, let us check out the health benefits below.

Combat aging

This is the most health benefits of blueberries that can be observed by human so far. As we know, antioxidants are our best friend against combat aging. For your information, they will replace the damage of free radicals and toxins into anti-body for our immune system. Moreover, pathogens which are also dangerous for us will be reduced by the self-defense of our body through antioxidants. Anti-aging properties can be found inside the content of blueberries. Moreover, proanthocyanidins is also actively reversing the inflammation which is number one disease for all people in the world because other chronic illnesses come from inflammation like diabetes, cancer and many more.

Brainpower Booster

The next one of health benefits of blueberries comes from the nutrient called Gallic acid. Because of this nutrient, blueberries have been called neuro-protective agents. Based on a research from Iran, this nickname literally means as stress or depression protector. In other words, blueberries can help us against stress and depression just by consuming it every day. We know that people are very easy to be stressed these days. Some fruits like blueberries are effective to maintain our depression surely. In addition, some study also found that this fruit will improve memory of our brain and its function.


This is the most dangerous and chronic illness in this world. Luckily, the health benefits of blueberries can restore and aid our body against it surely. Based on clinical studies, Gallic acid which is found in blueberries is able to kill the cancer without damaging our healthy cells after all. These studies also found that this nutrient has able to evaluate the breast cancer cells. As a result, it can slow and even remove breast cancer from the women. Moreover, blueberries contain many antioxidants that support Gallic acid to play its big role against cancer. For instance, there is resveratrol that we have said on the blueberries nutrition fact above.

Guarantee Our Heart Health

The health benefits of blueberries can be maximized if you combine it with strawberries every morning. You can both make smoothie or salad with them. For your information, this combination is perfect against heart attack with a probability up to 33%. This has been proven by the journal Circulation. They conducted the research over 93,000 women ranging from 25 to 42 years old. In addition, blueberries also decreases high blood pressure effectively and LDL cholesterol. Both illnesses are promoting hearth attacks surely. Thus, what are you waiting for? Buy some blueberries and strawberries now on the store.



The next health benefits of blueberries also give some positive effect to our skin. As we know, the blueberry extract skin care products are very popular among women these days. It proves that blueberry is good for our skin because of many vitamins and nutrients which we can receive from this fruit. In addition, minerals also provide our hormone balance and prevent acne to fill our face. It also indicates that blueberries are able to be our home remedy against acne. For your information, resveratrol is very good to reduce the damage of the sun which can darken our skin.


The last one of health benefits of blueberries can manage our weight very low. Thanks to the low in calories of blueberries. Instead, these fruits are very high to provide fiber. Another important thing is about the glycemic index which is low in blueberries. For your information, this small amount of glycemic index will make our stomach full longer than normal food. It is because they stay in our digestive system longer than usual food.  As the result, it delays our hunger for several hours.