Health Benefits of Yogurt and Tips For Choosing It

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Health Benefits of Yogurt and Tips For Choosing It – Health benefits of yogurt will be elaborated pretty well in this special article. As you can see on the most grocery stores, we have seen many dairy foods have been overtaken by the yogurt section these days. We will have a difficulty in finding dairy foods like sour cream or cottage cheese now because of yogurt. It indicates that the market is looking at yogurt now for some reasons. The reason that we can see at the moment is about the health benefits which we get from this yogurt. Moreover, it makes sense for us since this kind of food is really offering health benefits. Here are some benefits that you must know as a newcomer of yogurt eaters.


 Where Does It Come from?

The kickoff of the health benefits of yogurt that you must know starts at the origin of yogurt. If you think that yogurt comes from milk, you are right all the way. Yogurt does come from milk which consists of probiotics. There are several nutrients that we also find in dairy foods such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and many more. Another name of probiotics is friendly bacteria. They are usually found in our digestive system. It would be better when we also add these good bacteria, right? That is why we need yogurt in our life. Experts say that probiotics will help boosting our immune system and of course making our digestive system too.

Helping the Gut

The first one of health benefits of yogurt is about helping our gut. As we said earlier, yogurt contains probiotics which are also found in our digestive system. It does not close a possibility that yogurt may also help our gut efficiently. There are some evidences that we have got from journal articles. They said that yogurt with active cultures are good against some gastrointestinal conditions such as diarrhea, lactose intolerance or even colon cancer. When there should be more study about this, we have already known that those conditions are related to our digestive system. Since yogurt contains probiotics, we are sure that it may help our gut too.

Boosting Immune System

Recent studies also show our next advantage of health benefits of yogurt. Yes, it is about what we said on the subtitle of boosting the immune system. Based on recent studies, probiotics that we found in yogurt may recover the infection because the immune system has been increased. Moreover, all illness would be lowered significantly if people consumed a certain probiotic which can be found in fermented milk like yogurt. The research reported that probiotics are able to reduce the winter infections more than twenty percent.

Discouraging vaginal infections

If women who get diabetes, they may have candida vaginal infections. This common problem can be reduced if they consume low-calorie product of yogurt. This is also our next one of health benefits of yogurt obviously. For your information, yogurt with active culture will reduce the vaginal pH from 6.0 to 4.0 effectively. Thus, we have to be careful in choosing the yogurt. For your information, yogurt without active cultures remained the same pH at 6.0 based on some study.


Preventing Osteoporosis

The last one of health benefits of yogurt is able to prevent osteoporosis. According to bone experts, osteoporosis will be prevented and treated very well with adequate nutrition and micronutrients such as calcium and vitamin D. Although the results are not always giving its bets, calcium has been proven that it will give beneficial effects for our bone mass. The dairy products, in this case yogurt, are usually made with vitamin D and calcium. If necessary, you can check the labels before you purchase the yogurt product. Read out whether it contains vitamin D and calcium or not.

Tips in Choosing Yogurt

After knowing those health benefits of yogurt, it is necessary for us to show you the tips in choosing yogurt. There are several tips that are available now but we just show you two of them which are very important to be shared.

Low Fat Yogurt

The first one is about choosing low fat yogurt. There are two types of yogurt out there, full fat versus low fat. We suggest you to choose the low fat one because it does not consist of much sugar inside. Of course, it will be dangerous for you to eat full fat yogurt since you have diabetes. Thus, low fat yogurt is preferable here. For your information, the low fat yogurt is also divided into two categories. They are fat free and low fat. If you choose fat free yogurt, add some tablespoons of nuts to give you some healthy fat.


If you drink yogurt for getting health benefits of yogurt and maintaining your weight, make sure you know the calories of your yogurt. You can simply see it on the label. Based on some experts, the perfect snack of yogurt is that should be more or equal with 150 calories.