Calories in Carrots, Benefits and Tips for Preparing Them

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It is easy to find out the calories in carrots. But, it is hard to believe that carrots have some health benefits for our body. According to trusted site, every 100gr of carrot contain 41.3 kcal. Based on this measurement, we can calculate that a large carrot provides around 30 calories within. Not all people know about this. Because of this low-fat food, carrot becomes one of fifty tasty foods under 50 calories right now. Luckily, we will give you some health benefits that you can get from carrots and how to prepare the carrots before you cook them in your kitchen.


For our Skin

We start these 41 calories in carrots from the skin health benefits firstly. Thanks to the abundant amounts of vitamins which we can get from carrots. Carrots are able to glow our skin. It is because carrots can provide much vitamin C and some antioxidants which are good for the skin.              For your information, carrot can be your facial mask if you need. Carrots also act as anti-ageing for our skin. The nutrients that we got from carrots will help the collagen production in our body. If you do not know what collagen is, it is a type of protein which concerns to maintain our skin elasticity.

For our Hair

The next health benefit of calories in carrots is about preventing hair loss. Some vital vitamins that we receive from carrots are able to make our hair stronger and even thicker than normal hair. If you do not like to add carrots in your meal, you can make them to be juice. It will be more tasty and practical for you. Consuming around 4 ounces of carrot juice every day will stimulate our hair growth efficiently. The vitamin E and vitamin C are in charge to provide thickens hair for our scalp. Of course, it also prevents our black hair turning gray immediately.

For our Eyes

The most popular health benefit that we get from calories in carrots is about caring our eyes. The beta-carotene which is converted into Vitamin A is very useful for our eyes. Meanwhile, Vitamin A is also converted once again to be rhodopsin in retina for better night vision. Beta-carotene also helps our eyes against some dangerous illnesses such as glaucoma, senile cataracts and many more. Night blindness is one of the dangerous one. You can prevent it by consuming carrots every day. Our statement here is not nonsense. There are several studies which discussed about the importance of carrots for our health.

Tips for Preparing Carrots

After some health benefits of carrots exposed above, it is time to give you some tips for preparing carrots. These tips are necessary to help you measure the calories in carrots. First of all, you have to wash the carrot roots. A vegetable brush is necessary to use since you want to eat the carrots. There is a dilemmatic decision among us whether peel the carrots or not. Since your carrot is not organically grown, you may peel it for your sake. In addition, you also have to cur the stem end if the color is green. Overall, you can do any cutting methods for cooking the carrot such as grating, slicing, or leaving it as a whole.

Avoid Overcook

It does not matter whether you cook or eat raw the calories in carrots. For your information, the beta-carotene of carrots is heat-stable. It means that the heat does not damage the nutrients inside the carrot unlike other vegetables. Instead, the carrot’s beta-carotene is still available (bioavailable) even in steaming. However, you need always to be careful in cooking the carrots. Avoiding overcook will be better for strong and maximum nutrients in carrots. The nutritional value will be decreased effectively when you overcooked the carrot as food’s ingredients. Besides, the tasty feeling of carrot is also disappeared if you did it.


Cooking Carrot without Reducing the Nutrients

Lucky for you all today! We also share about how to cook carrots without decreasing any nutrient inside the calories in carrots. The very best cooking method to keep nutrients in our carrot is by using quick steaming.  This cooking method consists of three easy guidelines. The first one is about minimalizing the heat exposure of your carrot. Secondly, minimize the cooking duration in order to make the nutrients inside. Lastly, minimize the liquid on contact with your carrot. If you cooked your carrot in this way, we believe that it keeps its flavor at its best seriously.

How to Enjoy Your Carrot

To finish this article, we also provide some ways to enjoy your carrot. This is a quick way to serve your carrots in the fridge. First of all, shred the carrots plus chop the green part. It would be nice as your salad. After that, combine with everything you have like beets, apples and anything else. If you need a hot calories in carrots, boiled potatoes is preferred as a nutritious soup.