Baby Spinach Nutrition and How to Enjoy It with Maximum Health Benefits

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The baby spinach nutrition will be explained deeply in this article. As we know, spinach was popularized by Popeye recently. We even still remember how strong he is when eating a can of spinach to defeat his enemies. What Popeye did is not entirely wrong because spinach contains many nutrients inside its green color. For your information, spinach is very low especially in calories. Moreover, it is also fat-free. So, what is the different between spinach and baby spinach? Both are spinach, but baby spinach is a kind of spinach which is harvested earlier than the schedule. As a result, the leaves are smaller and tenderer than the normal one. For the nutritional information, both spinach and baby spinach have the same nutrients by the way.



Going through to the topic, the baby spinach nutrition contains with the same nutrition with the mature spinach. We start from a cup of raw baby spinach. It contains around 7 calories only. This amount is very fat free. This baby spinach also provides 1 gram of filling fiber too. Secondly, a half cup of cooked spinach contains higher calories at 20, 2g fiber and 3g protein. That is all nutrients that you may find inside baby spinach. Some studies also report that spinach is usually loaded with some minerals and vitamins. We will talk further about that nutrition below.


After you see some baby spinach nutrition above, this leave also provides vitamins. As we know, vitamins are very important for our body. Without them, we cannot imagine how strong our immune system against virus or illness. The highest vitamin that we found inside spinach is Vitamin A and Vitamin K. There is also folate here which is useful for childbearing age women. In other words, the women who get this age will take more risk for neural tube defects. For your information, a cup of raw spinach will give us more Vitamin K. This vitamin has health benefits such as smoothing blood clotting in our body. Moreover, the Vitamin A is necessary for our vision, skin, bone and immune system.


We also said that the baby spinach nutrition may contain minerals. Based on research, baby spinach becomes the source of copper, magnesium, iron and of course potassium. A cup of raw spinach will give you around 4% of potassium for your daily value with 8% of magnesium. We also found around 5% iron which is necessary to carry the oxygen from our longs to other important organs.

How to Enjoy

Now, it is time to know how to enjoy baby spinach nutrition without ruining or removing them through your serving. As we know, baby spinach is very tender and soft. So, it would not be a matter if you served it for your salad. To serve it with your salad, combine this leave with other fruits such as strawberries, vegetables and even grilled chicken. Moreover, you can also put a handful of baby spinach into your soups in rainy day. With this way, we believe that you can get maximum health benefits of baby spinach easily. Talking about health benefits, here are some health benefits that you can receive when consuming the spinach.

Cholesterol Controller

As we said on the baby spinach nutrition above, these leaves offer very low calories. It is just around 23 calories per 100gram of spinach. As a result, spinach is good for you who want to fight against cholesterol and obesity. In other words, spinach can be cholesterol controller too. Thanks to the soluble dietary fiber which is consisted in spinach green leaves. It is no wonder anymore that spinach becomes one of the finest vegetables which are effective for diet programs. For you who are in this program, please do not forget to add baby spinach as one of your ingredients especially in the morning.


Strengthening Bone Mass and Brain

The Vitamin K is included on baby spinach nutrition. We will get around 402 percent per 100 gram of fresh and green spinach. For your information, Vitamin K focuses on strengthening our bone mass. It can be done by promoting the ostepthropic process which happens inside our bone. Moreover, this vitamin is also active to reduce Alzheimer’s disease on the patients. It will limit the neuronal damage which usually happens in the patient’s brain. Bone and brain are the most important parts of human. Thus, consuming baby spinach will aid us to prevent those illnesses easily.

Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

Furthermore about the baby spinach nutrition, we have mentioned about minerals’ content inside this green leafy. For your information, potassium has a big role to control our blood pressure and heart rate. As we know, it is one of the minerals that we found in spinach. In addition, there are also some nutrients like manages and chopper which are treated as antioxidant. The red blood cells are managed by copper. Meanwhile, zinc is actively important to regulate our body development.