Vegetarian Pho Recipe and Facts for Your Dinner

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Vegetarian Pho Recipe and Facts for Your Dinner – The vegetarian pho is inspired by the Vietnamese pho probably. This kind of food is suitable to be eaten in cold weather. With a bowl, the aromatic broth will fill up your nose. There is no way for you to deny its taste especially when you try the slippery rice noodles plus some fresh garnishes on the bowl. Moreover, it can be customized as you wish. We have to say that the flavors and textures of this food are number one. Pho chay is another name of this pho. In this special article, we are not only going to talk about the recipe, but also some tips and useful information of pho as your everyday meal.



There will be some interesting facts about our topics every day including vegetarian pho. For your information, this meal is very appropriate for you who do not want to eat meat because it is completely full of vegetables. In addition, this food consists of spices, carrots and ginger as the complementary taste. In other words, this pho has rich and tasteful flavors. So, you may not be suitable to read our recipe since you think meat is your main ingredients here. This food lacks of meat after all and that is the fact that you have to accept. The broth may seem good but it is still not the real meat. This food is also suitable for you who is conducting diet program now.


Another interesting fact about vegetarian pho is that you can eat this soup whenever you want even for summer. In addition, we can also make some creativity through the toppings. The point is the noodles and broth should come together. The toppings are like mushrooms, tofu, etc. Those topping are the customizable garnishes which we are talking about. The length and size of the toppings are also customizable as your wish.  The key is just to go all in with the toppings. For your information, the more toppings you have on this pho, the more attractive soup you have. This soup offers its sweetness through the carrots and the aromas from the onion and ginger. When you just have minimum toppings, the broth will be the more exposed obviously.


Now, we are going directly to the ingredients of this vegetarian pho or Vietname noodle soup. We start from the broth firstly.

Fresh ginger                                       2-inch piece

Peeled and halved onion              1 large piece

Star Anise                                            1

Whole cloves                                     2

Cinnamon stick                                 3-inch piece

Coriander seeds                               1 tsp

Broth                                                     4 cups

Soy sauce                                            2 tsp

Chopped and peeled carrots      4

After you have the ingredients for the broth, it is time to see the noodles’ ingredients:

Dried rice noodles                           ½ pound

For the toppings:


Baked Tofu


For the garnishes:

Lime                                                      1

Sliced scallions                                   2

Sliced chile pepper                          1

Sliced onion                                        ½ large

Bean sprouts                                     ½ cup

Herbs like cilantro

How to Make the Broth

As same as the ingredients, we have to start the vegetarian pho recipe from making the broth firstly. It is pretty easy to make the broth because you can start from the onion and ginger in the beginning phase. We suggest you to use a broiler. Just wait until both ingredients become blackened. It is about five minutes later. Then, rinse them with clean water.

Prepare a large pot and add some ingredients like cloves, cinnamon, coriander and star anise and roast them in medium to low heat. Make sure you stir them in order to avoid burning. After you feel that the aroma is spreading out, add the broth, carrots, ginger and onion to the roasted spices.

Once everything is ready, boil the broth with low heat. Cover it and wait for thirty minutes. This activity is called simmer. Let them until it is ready to serve.


How to Make the Noodles

During you simmer the broth; you can make the noodles of vegetarian pho. Just place the noodles in a bowl and hot water. Then, cover them for about a half of an hour. You will see them become tender and chewy. After that, drain them all. In this case, you have to blanch them once again when you feel the noodles do not seem soft.

How to Make the Toppings

Last but not least, it is time to prepare the toppings. Based on the chosen ingredients above, you can start it by slicing the tofu into smaller dice. Afterwards, steam them all lightly. If you want more toppings, you can blanch more vegetables. The key is about the seasoning. The toppings should not have to be seasoned. In other words, let them get the flavor from the broth. If you insist to give your own seasoning, make sure it is still in a small number. At last but not least, it is time to serve the entire recipe that we have prepared. Please divide the noodles for two bowls and arrange them with the toppings. Scoop the broth. Make sure the garnishes on the side of the vegetarian pho.