Cheese Tortellini Recipes and How to Make Tortellini from Scratch

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Cheese Tortellini Recipes and How to Make Tortellini from Scratch- Today, I prepare some cheese tortellini recipes. Not only the recipe, but I also give you some ways to make tortellini from scratch. If you have mastered how to make pasta, it is time to make something new like tortellini. For you information, you will know the basics of cooking such as rolling, stuffing, shaping until serving the recipe which contains of tortellini. In the end, you will feel like a pro cooker who achieves new skills in making tortellini from scratch. As we know, tortellini is like pasta wrapper. But, it is more complicated than just pasta. Without further ado, let us go to the main topic firstly.


Tips for Making Tortellini
There are several tips before we try to cook cheese tortellini recipes below. First of all, please do not over stuffing the filling of your tortellini. Over stuffing the filling won’t give you soft and tasty tortellini in the end. Moreover, it also makes you to think harder when sealing the tortellini. In this case, you do not want the dumplings to burst your cooking pot, do you? Thus, I suggest you to stick with one teaspoon of filling. Then, you will get around three inches of pasta wrapper. The next tip is about the cover of the pasta. You need to know that pasts will be dried quickly when you uncover it. As a result, we may have some difficulties to work with it obviously. Thus, you have to keep the pasta covered with the remaining dough.
It is always being dilemmatic problem for the cookers who are cooking for cheese tortellini recipes. As we know on the last tip, the pasts dry quickly. It means that your pasta should be as soft as possible instead. Thus, we have to know about giving ample flour here in making the tortellini. When they have a good amount of flour, the result will be better. For your information, we cannot touch them after we have finished shaping the tortellini.
Time Management
It should be managed both time and the ingredients of cheese tortellini recipes. Although you won’t have any difficulties when making tortellini, it is surely necessary for us to take the time because it really needed. For your information, we have to make the batch and it requires for a few hours for us. Of course, time management is important. Moreover, tortellini is okay for freezing so that we can prepare them all before the show time several days before on the fridge.
Making Tortellini
This is what you should prepare before going to the cheese tortellini recipes.
Pasta dough 1 batch
Filling 3 cups
Sheet Pans
The first thing to do is rolling out the pasta to become sheets. After it becomes dough, divide it into quarters. For time efficiency, I suggest you to work with a piece and cover other pieces at the same time. Use pasta roller to the dough in order to be thinner than before.
After that, you are ready to shape the tortellini. By using a knife, please cut the sheet into some round forms. Make sure there is a little space between other rounds. Create a ball form through the rounds and re-roll them.
It is time to place a teaspoon of filling right in the middle of the dough. You can use your finger by dipping them on the bowl of water. Fold the dough like a half moon. Afterwards, draw both edges into one. To seal the dough, please press both edges tightly. Toss the ball with some flour and the set it aside on baking sheet which has already floured. At last, you can cover the ball.
The next step of these cheese tortellini recipes is cooking the tortellini. Put them into a pot of water. Add 2 tablespoon of salt. Stir the tortellini under the pot to divide each other. Cook them until you see them on the surface of the water. Lastly, you can serve them for the taste.

Cheesy Baked Tortellini
After we made our own tortellini, now we can go to the next cheese tortellini recipes. This cheesy bake tortellini is ready to shake our tongue. Here are the ingredients that you need to prepare:
Marinara sauce 2 cups
Olive oil
Mascarpone cheese 1/3 cup
Italian parsley leaves ¼ cup
Thyme leaves 2 teaspoons
Cheese tortellini 1 pound
Sliced mozzarella 2 Oz
Parmesan ¼ cup
Prepare the oven and give it 350 degrees Fahrenheit with olive oil.
Whisk all the sauce like mascarpone cheese, thyme and parsley in a bowl. Let them blend for a seconds and cook the tortellini at the same time. Wait for about two minutes before you drain them all. With the mix of sauce before, add the cooked tortellini into them and make some coats. Use baking dish to transfer the tortellini mixture. Add mozzarella and parmesan on the top. Cover the baking dish and it will be ready to bake. Your cheese tortellini recipes are ready to serve.