Green Tea and Pregnancy Facts that You Need to Know

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Green Tea and Pregnancy -If you look for some facts about green tea and pregnancy, we will enlighten yourself through this article. For your information, a pregnant woman is suggested to have more drinks or liquids rather than non-pregnant woman. It is important in order to make the placenta and amniotic fluid easier than normal people. Based on doctors, there should be around twelve glasses of water per day for pregnant women. But, not all drinks or liquids are safe for them. They must avoid caffeine which will increase the risk of urination and make them dehydration quickly.

Why are we here?
Before going deeper green tea and pregnancy, we try to convince you that there are some foods or beverages that will give higher risk for your baby. We do not talk about alcohol here because it is truly dangerous obviously. We talk about such beverages like coffee and green tea here. Unlike coffee which is very popular with its caffeine, green tea has many benefits as healthy drink so far. Thus, it comes some questions about this healthful tea for pregnant women. Luckily, we will ask those questions in this article. Therefore, you will have no problem anymore about it in the future. Without further ado, let us go to the main topic now.

What is Green Tea?
Green tea and pregnancy won’t be understood easily without knowing and defining the meaning of green tea. Just like coffee, green tea is derived from the same plant of black tea. For your information, it is not categorized as an herbal tea by the way. The most socking fact is about the caffeine elements which are also found inside the green tea. However, it has smaller amounts rather than the coffee by the way. Based on this fact, it is okay for pregnant women to enjoy green tea. But, it is also quite harmful for them if they drink it every day in a large numbers of cups. Thus, it requires some wisdom for the women who are pregnant to consume green tea after all.

Why do people call it as herbal tea?
Furthermore about green tea and pregnancy, it comes from unfermented leaves which are called as the Cameliasinensis plant after all. Although it has earthy taste in our mouth, green tea cannot be categorized as herbal tea after all. Some teas which are also made from the plant of green tear are white tea, black tea, yellow tea, etc. For your information, green is popular as a tea which has full of antioxidants. Researchers and experts call it polyphenols. Talking about antioxidants, these things are the fighters for removing free radicals inside our body. Moreover, they are also in charge to prevent our cells from broken DNA. As a result, antioxidants in green tea will reduce the aging process, risk of cancer and also protect our heart effectively. Because of these health benefits, many people treat green teas herbal tea.

Caffeine in Green Tea
We have talked about caffeine in one of green tea and pregnancy above but we do not give detail information about how much caffeine that we found on it. For your information, per 8 ounces of green tea consists of 24 until 45 milligrams of caffeine. Actually, it depends on how strong you have brewed up the green tea. Meanwhile, coffee itself has contained more than 95 until 200 milligrams of caffeine. In simple words, green tea has fewer amounts of caffeine even a half number of coffees. For your information, there are also some products of green tea which claim as decaffeinated green tea. They are not completely free by the way. These products have around 12 mg or less caffeine at least.


Is it Dangerous for Pregnant Women?
After knowing some large facts about green tea and pregnancy, we will help you to answer the main question of this article. Is it dangerous or not for pregnancy? To answer this question, we cannot separate the role of caffeine which is found in green tea. For your information, caffeine is not suitable for the baby’s metabolism after all because this thing freely goes to the placenta easily and come inside the bloodstream of the baby. As a result, the baby will have slower process than the adult in processing the caffeine. However, some researches have been conducted and most of them show that caffeinated beverages won’t harm the baby of pregnant women with a provision of small amounts of caffeine. Drinking very high levels of caffeine will increase the miscarriage risks for pregnancy.

In conclusion, we can conclude that green tea and pregnancyare safe since we know the measure of the caffeine inside our green tea cup. Based on a study, moderate caffeine consumption should be less than 200 milligrams every day. Thus, monitoring how much cup of green tea that you drink per day is a good suggestion to save your baby.