How Many Calories in A Banana and What Health Benefits That We Will Get

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How Many Calories in A Banana and What Health Benefits That We Will GetHow many calories in a banana? This question will be answered properly today. You need to know that bananas have high potassium content and they are well known with this nutrient. A medium size of banana has around 422 milligrams of potassium more or less. In other words, it is around twelve percent of daily value for our body based on FDA. Based on some researches, Americans do not receive enough potassium every day. Meanwhile, the person who consume or eat more potassium every day will be staying away from stroke risk easily. If you are curious about this yellow and sweet fruit, read on this article until the end.



Nutrition Facts

There are 102 calories more or less based on the nutrition sites and it would answer how many calories in a banana. It also contains around 17% of recommended daily vitamin C in a medium banana. Moreover, it has also 3 grams of fiber. Meanwhile, banana also contains high carbohydrate contents. We counted that a medium banana contains 27 grams of it after all. Because of this fact, many people are afraid to eat or consume this fruit. Actually, it is not dangerous since you know the trick. For example, half the banana in a half size and then consume it with peanut or almond butter. As a result, we can reduce the sugar content of that banana.


This is the real reason why we need to count how many calories in a banana. For your information, banana is also well known as high fiber source beside of high carbohydrate content. Another good story is about that fibers are both soluble and insoluble. The soluble fiber is functioned to reduce the digestion’s tendency effectively. In addition, this fiber also lengthens the feeling full for your stomach. Meanwhile, we always see people adding bananas in their breakfast meal. This is why they do that every day so that we have no worry about the next lunch or meal because we have already been full with this fiber.


Our heart has big role in our life. Counting how many calories in a banana also leads us to keep our heart rattling every second. As we know, banana provides high fiber content. It is not only good for our digestion but also heart obviously. Based a study in the U.K, fiber-rich foods are able to reduce the risk of heart disease, cardiovascular and coronary diseases. Both diseases are known as chronic illness. It means that we can lower their risk just by consuming banana every day or every morning. Without fiber in banana, we may take both diseases easily and the results won’t make us happy after all.


We have mentioned before about the health benefits of banana in previous paragraph. It is related with our digestive system. Knowing how many calories in a banana also leads us to know deeper about the flavor of banana. This fruit is sweet and sour in our mouth. Did you know that this sour taste also brings health benefit for our digestion? Well, we may feel easy to digest our meal after drink juice. This also happens when we consume bananas because it contains the sour taste after all. For your information, this taste is stimulating the agni.


We also showed you about the nutrition facts before and counted how many calories in a banana. As we can see, banana contains many nutrients which are important for our health. When it comes to nutrition, banana is comparable with other fruits which contain heavyweight nutrition like carrot, spinach, etc.  The essential vitamins that are contained in bananas are as follows: vitamin B6, vitamin C, folate, manganese, potassium, iron, calcium and riboflavin. For your information, those nutrients are best for keeping our body healthy and functioning properly. Keep consuming bananas every day as your must-add fruits.


Blood Pressure

We did not see high salt content when counting how many calories in a banana. In other words, we have no worry about the blood pressure. As we know, salt is the true enemy for the patients who have high blood pressure. After all, banana has only low salt content but high potassium content instead. Consuming banana every day does not trigger high blood pressure at all so that we are safe to eat this fruit anytime we want to.


After knowing how many calories in a banana and its health benefits, we have already known about how beneficial this fruit is for our healthiness. Banana is also cheap and easy to be found on the store so that we will always be ready to purchase and restock it on our fridge. We think it is the end of this topic today and please check out our other articlesabout banana bread which are also offering low fat calories and healthy for our daily breakfast meal.